The Trip that Forced Me to Focus On Fitness

by Melissa R.
i need to start exercising

I made another trip to Florida last week to check on Dad’s house, and it was the first trip since Dad passed that I could try to enjoy all that Florida has to offer. Sunshine, warmth, relaxation, the beach, all of that was missing from the trips prior when we were cleaning out most of Dad’s things and moving it home to Ohio.

Yes, this time was different. I took my daughter and my  niece, so of course, they wanted to go to the beach.

Up until then, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I mean, I nearly got rid of my forehead wrinkles, I figured out how to get rid of crepey skin, and with the slight tan I had before leaving, my skin looked pretty freaking great!


Yes, until I had to get in a bathing suit.

It’s not that I was not aware that I had gained a few pounds since selling the restaurant, and I’m not overweight, but because I have a small frame, every pound is noticeable.

For the Love of God, Why am I Talking About Exercising?

This is the first time since I don’t know when that I have 10 pounds to lose, and boy does it make me feel uncomfortable.

I don’t really care about the scale, I care about the fact that my legs aren’t smooth like they should be. Not the skin, it’s what is under the skin. The extra weight makes my legs look… well, I guess you could call it lumpy.

And because of my height (I’m 5’2″ in case you wondered), the rest of this extra weight sits right at my hips and tummy.

Most women my age (turned 45 last month) blame age, children, and many other things for why they have gained weight, but I am not accepting that. 45 is not old! I will get the toned figure that I had just 1 year ago, and I won’t stop until I do.

How am I Going to Get Toned?

I’m glad you asked.

So… you know me, off to Google I went searching for a fitness routine that I would actually enjoy doing. Well, I think I found it, and today begins my journey to toning my arms and legs, and losing the weight that I have gained since leaving the rat-race. Because I respect the fact that my readers trust me to tell them what works and what doesn’t, I will not be revealing the fitness program until I have tried it out.

I went to the grocery store and stocked up on fresh vegetables, and I am not looking back until I have reached my goal.

So, why am I telling you this?

Well, because you my friend can help motivate me. Yes, I want you to hold me accountable so that I don’t lose sight of my plan.

My Current Weight Is:

122 pounds

My Ideal Weight Is:

110 – 115 (122 if you ask my husband)

I am also telling you this because if you know anything about my blog here at Be Electrifying, you know that I will be announcing what fitness program I decided on (and why), but not until I try it out and see if it works. Yes my friends, I will be showing you before and after photos (I know, it’s rare, so don’t make fun of me or it will never happen again!).

Sign up below to subscribe, and you will get all of the juicy details as soon as they’re available! I will try to update this post and things progress (or don’t), so stay tuned, because if all goes well, I will be revealing a slimmer and toned figure by mid-summer!

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