My Official Crepe Erase Review with Proof of Purchase

by Melissa R.
2019 crepe erase reviews

Hello Be Electrifying Readers!

I have no idea where this past month went! Maybe I couldn’t find time to blog because I was too busy slathering on my Crepe Erase Body Repair Treatment.

Who knows? But here I am, alive and well, and still on my search for how to go back in time. OK, not really, but everyone knows that I am a self-proclaimed skin care connoisseur, and I am here now with my first review on Crepe Erase.

Why I Decided to Review Crepe Erase

First of all, let me just say that I love Jane Seymour, and I feel like she may be what sold me on the product. I was up one night flipping channels because I couldn’t sleep (what’s new?), and I found myself watching the infomercial about Crepe Erase. Low and behold, the next morning, I was ordering the product. Now, I’m not as gullible as some may think, so I was not sold on the fact that it worked, just sold on the fact that I wanted to try it out!

First things first… let’s just get it out of the way right now. As always, I try to include a receipt of some sort to show my readers that I am truly using the product, and that my review is legitimate. You can see my name at the bottom for even more proof that the receipt belongs to yours truly!

I know, it’s sad that I have to take the time to do that, but if you don’t know yet, there are thousands of bloggers out there reviewing products that they have never even tried. Even worse are the ones who have tried it, but may have only used it for 2 days so they automatically give it a thumbs down. Worse than that are the dozens of posts that I found claiming to be “Crepe Erase Reviews” when they never even laid hands on the product, but are relying on everyone else’s review. Dishonest!

my crepe erase receipt

You just can’t trust anyone these days! Well, there is my proof of purchase, so onward and upward!

Now, can we move on to my Crepe Erase Review, or should I continue going on and on about meaningless things? That’s what I though too. Let’s get on with it.

Crepe Erase Review 2019
Crepe Erase Amazon

The Advanced Deluxe Body, Face + Hand System Review

Here we go. Hopefully I can answer some of the questions you have and help you decide if Crepe Erase is worth your time and money, or if you should stay away from it.

Note** Since my initial Crepe Erase order, they have launched a new kit, which includes a few products that I do not currently have. Never fear, Melissa will take care of that…

DONE… see below image of screenshot. Unfortunately, you will have to wait a few months before I can review the additional products.

crepe erase customer serviceAs you can see from the chat, I will receive the Crepe Erase 5-Piece System in June, so I should be able to give you a review of the facial treatment products by mid-summer. Stay tuned for that.

Until then, I have decided to go back to Meaningful Beauty as I really need a “system” that will force me to take care of specific areas on my face rather than just dousing on my moisturizer every day. I’ll give an updated review on that soon! I will also be reviewing a product that I have been using for maybe a month or so and it has almost completely erased my forehead lines! You won’t want to miss that one.

UPDATE: Advanced 5-Piece Body + Face System is In My Possession!

Today is July 1st, 2019, and as promised by Crepe Erase customer service, my subscription choice was changed to include the face system products which consists of a scrub and a treatment.

My shipment arrived while I was on my fitness inspired vacation last week. I have not used it yet, as I am waiting until I return from Florida yet again. I am heading back down on the 4th of July, and will be returning on the 8th. The reason I am waiting is because I do not want to begin a stringent exfoliation process on my face just before going into the Florida sun.

Because of this, I stopped using my Crepe Erase Body products a week before I left this last time, and thank goodness I did because I don’t think my skin could have handled all of that at once! I will resume the body treatment when I return on the 8th as well.


The Crepe Erase Ordering Process

If you know me at all, you know that I love ordering products on Amazon. Well, this time, I did not use Amazon. Why? Well, I knew that this would be a product that my readers would want to know more about, and the only way to review it honestly and ethically would be to buy the entire kit from the Crepe Erase website so I could include the ordering process in my review.

The receipt that you see above was from my initial purchase of the Advanced 5-Piece Body & Face System. There is also an option to just purchase the Advanced 2-Piece Essentials system which includes the Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment and the Advanced Body Repair Treatment. Of course, like any other product marketed by Guthy Renker, you will be automatically enrolled in a subscription. I knew this going into it, and I decided it was worth the risk in order to try out the product, and provide my honest opinion about it for you.

I also received a free gift when I ordered, which as of the time of this writing is still available. The gift is the Eye-Renewal Capsules. I’ll review them as well!

Since my initial purchase, I have received a second shipment, which is a full supply that is supposed to last 90 days (that is what you see in the photo at the top of this post – cute basket and body brush not included). I just noticed that my eye capsules are not in the photo (I received them as a  free gift in my 2nd shipment too). Maybe I’ll snap a shot of them for you.

So the way the ordering process works is that you order the initial 30-day supply. 30 days later (unless you cancel), you will receive another shipment that is a 90-day supply. Should you continue with the product, you will receive a shipment every 90 days thereafter. The price is divided into 3 monthly payments, so you will be charged monthly for 1/3 of the cost of the 90 day supply for the system that you chose. Does that make sense? Let me go back and read that again… Ok, if you have any questions, as always, leave me a comment and I am happy to answer.

Can Crepe Erase Be Used On Face?

Like many others, I too wondered if Crepe Erase could be used on your face. I never found my answer until I discovered that Crepe Erase now offers a product line specifically formulated for your face.

Because this question was not answered by Crepe Erase or any other website reviewing the product line, I decided to that the answer is that Crepe Erase cannot be used on your face.

When I received my original order, it included the facial plumping treatment and the 4-in-1 eye capsules, but there wasn’t a product that you could use daily as a facial scrub or moisturizer… Until now.

As I mentioned above when I showed my chat exchange with a Crepe Erase representative, I will now be receiving the Refining Facial Scrub and the Restorative Facial Treatment products when I receive my next shipment in June.

You can bet that I will be reviewing how the new Crepe Erase products for your face work, or if they don’t work at all.

Can You Get Around the Crepe Erase Subscription?

I believe that many people are reluctant to try a product that comes with a subscription, so if you’re on of them, there is good news. You can now buy the Crepe Erase System on Amazon.

Just pay attention when you check out, and make sure that you select the “One Time Purchase” option, unless off course you want to go the subscription route.

Crepe Erase Review 2019
Crepe Erase Amazon

The Delivery and Packaging

There is only so much you can say about a product and how it is packaged and delivered. What I can tell you is that it actually surprised me how pretty it looked when I opened the box. It came in a white mesh bag (sorry, I had to take the products out so that you would be able to see them), and everything was neatly arranged inside. 5 Stars for the packaging.

While this does not really fit in the delivery category, I wasn’t sure where to add it, so it goes here…

Maybe I’m getting old, but for me, the print on the product labels was a little hard for me to read, but it was nothing compared to Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty line. It doesn’t take anything away from the review, just a little hard on my eyes. Maybe it’s time for some reading glasses?

What I Received In My 5-Piece Crepe Erase System?

  • Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment
  • Advanced Body Repair Treatment
  • Flaw Fix Eye Cream
  • Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment
  • Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment*

Now, if you were to order right now, you would receive the following if you select the 5 piece kit:

  • Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment
  • Advanced Body Repair Treatment
  • Restorative Facial Treatment *
  • Refining Facial Scrub *
  • Flaw Fix Eye Cream

The overnight facial plumping treatment and the anti-aging hand repair treatment is no longer available on their website. I can only assume that the facial treatment was replaced by the two products* that are now included in the new 5-piece kit, and the hand repair treatment* is really not necessary (although it makes my hands feel baby soft), as you could use the body repair treatment in it’s place. Just my 2-cents, but I will review them anyway in the event that you want to try them out if they are available to be purchased on Amazon (since they are not available at all on

How to Use the 2-Step advanced Body Treatment System

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment

This is the first step of using the Crepe Erase system. I use it every day when I shower, just before my final rinse. I put a quarter size in my hand, and then I gently massage it on the areas that I want to cover. I focus on my knees, under my arms, and my neck/chest area. A little goes a long way, so make sure you are massaging it enough to where it creates a lather.

It is a gentle exfoliate that prepares your skin for what comes next.

Advanced Body Repair Treatment

I wasn’t sure what to think of this the first time I used it. It is really thick in the jar, so I didn’t know how much to use. I just get a little on my fingers, and massage it in an upward motion on the same areas that I use the pre-treatment on.

I have never had such an experience with a body cream or lotion as with the Crepe Erase body repair treatment. My skin is softer than it has been in 20 years, but that’s not all…

For the first time in the history of Be Electrifying’s existence, I wish I had a before and after picture.

Review of Crepe Erase On My Underarms

I have always had a very thin frame, but this does not mean that we don’t age. In fact, it may be the latter. At any rate, I began noticing a very slight crepiness (is that a word?) under my armpits (my husband says it’s all in my head, but they were there), which is why it is one of my focus areas for using this product. Since using Crepe Erase for over a month now, it is no longer visible. It literally repaired my skin. Now, I just have to get my hand-weights out and tone up my arms.

Review of Crepe Erase On My Legs

This is the part that I am so excited about. I mentioned that I was using the product on my knees, and that is because I had wrinkle-like lines around my knee caps. I guess it could be considered crepey skin, I don’t know, but what I do know is that I really studied my legs in the mirror yesterday for the first time in several weeks, and they are so much smoother, and many of those wrinkle-like lines are gone.

I just spent an hour on my phone trying to find a photo of my knees so I could actually show you the difference, but I have not had any luck yet. If I find one from the past year, I will definitely update this post because for all of the money I have spent reviewing different beauty products, Crepe Erase should plan on just shipping me my product every 90 days and charging my credit card, no questions asked.

What I will do is take a current photo now so that I will be able to show you an update in 30 days. There are still lines that need repaired, and hopefully, time will be my friend.

This has me so excited to try out the facial products that I will be receiving in June (as mentioned above, they are now included in the new 5 piece system, which is why I contacted customer service and asked to change my membership plan).

Anything that works in 30 days has my 5-star vote all day long.

You could stop here and simply order the Advanced 2-Step Essentials System, because they are the only 2 products responsible for my renewed skin on my arms and legs, or you could keep reading to see what else Crepe Erase has in store for you. You decide.

Crepe Erase Review 2019
Crepe Erase Amazon

The Crepe Erase 5 Piece System Review

Flaw Fix Eye Cream

I use the Flaw Fix eye cream every day after I shower and before I apply my make-up. It is so smooth and creamy that you will want to put it all over your face. I actually do use what’s left on my fingers and massage it into my forehead and between my brows. If it’s light enough for my eyes, it’s certainly light enough for my forehead!

The only way I can explain this product to you is to say that when you apply it, you can literally watch your eyes get brighter. It reduces any puffiness that you may have woken up to, and is now an integral part of my morning beauty routine.

I actually thought to myself that had I been able to get my hands on Crepe Erase five years ago, Be Electrifying may have never been born! Initially it was designed for the skin on your body, but now that they have introduced the products for your face, it may be the end all be all!

Crepe Erase Flaw Fix Eye Cream Review

Crepe Erase Amazon

Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment

This is where my secrets have to come out. I am terrible about washing my face and moisturizing it every night. I’m lucky if I do it twice a week. So this is my promise to you:

I pledge to wash my face and apply the overnight facial plumping treatment at least 5 nights per week for the next 30 days. There, I now have someone (at least I hope, is there anyone out there reading this?) that I have to hold myself accountable to, so if I don’t update this post by this time next month, you will know that I did not hold up my end of the bargain.

I have used it several times, and it does feel different than most of your nightly moisturizers, as it too is thicker, but I have not used it enough to review it.

Crepe Erase Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment Review

Crepe Erase Amazon

Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment

I do use this every single day after I complete my body repair treatment application. It makes my hands extremely soft and smooth, and almost gives them a glimmer of hope that I will not have a 90-year old’s hands by the time I’m 45.

Say a prayer for me please.

Remember, this is the product that is no longer included in the 5 piece system, so in it’s place, I would recommend applying the body repair treatment every day. I can almost guarantee you will see a difference.

It is still available on Amazon if you hurry!

Crepe Erase Hand Repair Treatment Review 2019

Crepe Erase Amazon

4-In-1 Eye Renewal Capsules

Last but not least, the bonus gift; the 4-In-1 Eye Renewal Capsules. I have used these the same amount of times that I have used the overnight plumping treatment, so I cannot say that they do or do not improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, but I will pledge to do the same with these as with the plumping treatment. Give me 30 days to give you an honest review.

Here is what I know… They have the silkiest feeling of anything I have ever put on my face. The capsules look small, but there is enough product in there for both eyes and then some. Before I purchased the initial system, I read reviews, and I found one from a lady saying that there was not enough for both eyes. Huh? I have no idea what she was doing, or how large her eyes are, but there is absolutely no reason that one capsule should not be sufficient to cover the entire area around both eyes.

The capsules are formulated to be used at night, so I would not attempt to use them before applying makeup.

Crepe Erase 4 in 1 eye renewal capsules review

Crepe Erase Amazon

My Final Crepe Erase Review

This is one of those products that make me very happy that I review beauty products. If I did not have this blog, I may have never given Crepe Erase a shot due to some of the reviews from people claiming that it’s a scam. It is far from a scam, and frankly, they’re only scamming themselves if they think that ANY product on the market is going to make them look 25 years younger.

As we age, we have to be real with ourselves and take into consideration that lotions and potions can only do so much. We still have to take care of ourselves with SPF, our diet, how much water we drink, exercise, smoking, drinking, and everything else that can take a toll on our skin. Not to mention that I am “only” 44, but I have taken care of my skin since my teens. If I were 65, I may not be getting the visible results that I am getting right now, at least not as fast.

The Woman With the Before and After Photo

One of the “actual reviews” that I read was a woman who had a before and after photo of her face, and in the first photo her neck was straight, and the second photo she had her face turned up which stretched her neck. Now she was not claiming that it worked, but actually claimed the latter. After reading through the entire post I came to realize that she was actually angry about the payment plan, and went on to talk about how she did not know that she would continue to be billed. While that may be true, it takes away from the legitimacy of the review itself, at least in my opinion.

With that said, I would never steer my readers the wrong way intentionally, and if I find a product that does absolutely nothing, I will be the first to tell you about it. In fact, stay tuned, because I will be doing just that very soon so sign up for my email list so that you will be one of the first to find out what product I tried recently, and how it went.

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