New and Improved Skin Care Routine 2022

by Melissa R.
skin care after 40 at home

I recently reviewed what I think is the best drug store moisturizer, and in that post, I promised you that I would update my skin care routine. Let’s face it, things change, products change, and our faces change, so in order to keep up with the times, we have to keep up with the skin care products that actually work. As if aging isn’t hard enough, let’s add the hoops we have to jump through just to find out what products really work vs. products that take our money and run.

I spend a lot of time (and money) testing out new skin care products because I want to be your trusted source for what works and what doesn’t. OK, really, I just want to keep my skin looking as young as possible, but it sounded good, right? All kidding aside, I really do enjoy sharing my reviews of many of the products that I try because we’re all in this together. Even if I was a supermodel with my own skin care line, I would want to make sure that what I was selling actually worked.

My original skin care routine was written almost eight years ago! You can read it here if you really want to, but I decided that it was time to provide an update for my readers because I think that almost everything that I used in that post has since been replaced with something better.

What Is My Morning Skin Care Routine?

  1. Apply Drmtlgy Pre-Cleansing Oil. I apply it on a dry face, then I add water and massage and rinse.
  2. Cleanse face with my favorite cleanser by JLo beauty. Trust me, it’s worth it!
  3. Apply Drmtlgy Needless Serum to a damp face and massage over face, neck, and chest area.
  4. I decided it’s finally time to introduce something more powerful, and I am happy to say that adding red light therapy using the Solawave wand has done wonders for my skin. I wish I would have started this years ago.
  5. Apply the JLo beauty serum and allow it to dry followed by the JLo Beauty Blockbuster Hydrating Cream.
  6. Apply JLo Beauty ‘That Fresh Take’ eye cream.
  7. The last step before applying my makeup is spritzing my face with my favorite setting spray.

My Evening Routine Is Very Similar

I follow the same steps as the morning routine with 2 exceptions:

  1. I only use my Solawave once per day and I choose to do it in the morning.
  2. I do not apply any setting spray in the evening.

Other than that, my evening routine is no different.

My routine has changed over the years, but the products above are the best I have found at making my skin look and feel vibrant and clean, and noticeably firmer.



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