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New and Improved Skin Care Routine 2019

by Melissa
skin care after 40 at home

I recently reviewed what I think is the best drug store moisturizer, and in that post, I promised you that I would update my skin care routine. Let’s face it, things change, products change, and our faces change, so in order to keep up with the times, we have to keep up with the skin care products that actually work. As if aging isn’t hard enough, let’s add the hoops we have to jump through just to find out what products really work vs. products that take our money and run.

I spend a lot of time (and money) testing out new skin care products because I want to be your trusted source for what works and what doesn’t. OK, really, I just want to keep my skin looking as young as possible, but it sounded good, right? All kidding aside, I really do enjoy sharing my reviews of many of the products that I try because we’re all in this together. Even if I was a supermodel with my own skin care line, I would want to make sure that what I was selling actually worked.

My original skin care routine was written over four years ago. You can read it here if you really want to, but I decided that it was time to provide an update for my readers because I think that almost everything that I used in that post has since been replaced with something better.

What Is My Morning Skin Care Routine?

  1. I wash my face in the shower with my favorite Neutrogena face wash.
  2. About twice a week I exfoliate with one of the Meaningful Beauty products that is actually worth the price, you can read about that review here (don’t get the whole kit, you will regret it).
  3. As soon as I get out of the shower, I apply an eye cream made by Crepe Erase (this is a new product that I have not reviewed yet, but I can say that I absolutely love it) and let it dry!
  4. UPDATE: My Crepe Erase Review is in!
  5. Once my eye cream has dried, I apply a hydrating serum made by, yes, you guessed it, Neutrogena!
  6. The hydrating serum dries almost instantly, and I then apply my absolute favorite face moisturizer! Of all the expensive face creams I have tried, this is my go-to drug store face moisturizer, and I’m proud of it.

This my friends is my skin care routine accomplished in under a minute (if you don’t include the shower)!

My Evening Routine Is a Bit Different (When I’m Not Feeling Lazy)

  1. I was my face just as I do in step 1 above.
  2. I apply a Crepe Erase capsule
  3. I apply my moisturizer (step 5 above)

That’s it. 3 steps in the evening, because let’s face it, I’m lazy and I don’t want to spend an hour in the bathroom when I’m ready to go to bed. For the time it takes to properly care for your skin, it would be a crime not to take action before the aging process gets out of hand.

The routines above are simple, inexpensive, and work to keep our skin feeling clean, smooth, and radiant. You can find most of them on Amazon, and some in your local drug stores.

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