My Home Smells Like Abercrombie & Fitch and I Love It

There is something to be said about burning candles, and if I must admit it, I am addicted to burning candles. I love everything about them. Not only do they smell fantastic when you walk in the door, they look so charming when lit in the evenings.

Like many other things in my life, I like what I like, so many times I will not stray from my favorites.

mahogany teakwood candleThis past Christmas, my daughter’s boyfriend gave me a gift basket, and included in this basket was a 3-wick candle called Mahogany Teakwood High Intensity.  I was reluctant to burn it for the simple fact that it was so far away from the scents that I am used to.

I knew he was coming over, so I decided to light it a few hours before. After it was burning for a while, my husband came home from work, and as soon as he walked in the door he said “that is the best smelling candle you’ve ever bought”. How about that? All of the money I spend on candles, and the one I received as a gift is my husbands favorite.

It’s like walking into Abercrombie & Fitch. You can light just this candle, and it will make your whole house smell wonderful.

Aside from my candle addiction, I also love a clean look to my home decor, and the color and design of this candle looks somewhat expensive, not like some of the cheaper candles that you may purchase at Walmart.

So, here it is the end of January, and I am onto my 3rd Mahogany Teakwood candle. I have one left, so I guess it’s time to order a new supply. I work from home, so my candles are burning all day long. If you are only burning candles for a few hours a day, one candle should last you a few weeks or longer.

The burn time is approximately 25-45 hours, and don’t forget to trim your wicks before every burn.

If you are interested, you can buy this candle on Amazon here.




my all time favorite bronzer

My Favorite Bare Minerals Bronzer is AWOL

As you may know, I am not only a Bare Minerals addict, I am also addicted to bronzer. I have not used blush for several years for one reason: I love a little color on my skin, and I don’t mean blush. If I could have a suntan year-round, well my life would be complete!

With that said, I live in the northeastern part of the United States where having a suntan is only an option between May and September (if I’m lucky). A couple of years ago, I discovered the most beautiful bronzer that I have since purchased many times over because I simply don’t want to use any other brand/color. I bought it again in early September, and literally a few weeks later, I dropped it on my bathroom floor (ceramic tile), and it busted into so many pieces that it could not be saved. If you have ever done the same you know damn well I tried to save just enough to get by.

Being desperate and short on time (my husband and I were actually going out on a date the next night), I sent my daughter to the Ulta Store nearby with the now empty compact of bronzer, which was called The Deep End by Bare Minerals. She called me upon arriving at the store to tell me that they do not have that color, and that the store clerk told her I would need to order it online (if it is available). She text me the 2 colors of bronzer that I had to choose from (there are 4 available online), so I had her purchase “Dark to Deep” in the event that I would be unable to order The Deep End, and the simple fact was I had to have it. (I have inserted our text exchange below for your reading pleasure) 🙂

my new favorite bronzer

When I had time, I went to the Bare Minerals website, and tried to order it online, and here is what I saw:

what happened to the deep end

As you can see, I took a screen shot of the pull down menu, because this is what The Deep End Bronzer looked like (the actual compact). The only option available as of the time of this post is The Skinny Dip.

Below is an image of The Deep End, and I am sure you can see that there is more than just a “slight” difference in color. Oh, how I miss you even though it is November (December 1st tomorrow)! Oh, that reminds me, are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? Me either. I have $200 spent so far, and it was the lazy man’s way (online). At any rate, let’s get back to what’s important.

my all time favorite bronzer




So, The Deep End Vs. Dark to Deep – What’s the Verdict?

Considering that I no longer have a choice, clearly I have to use a different bronzer, and I am happy to announce that I really really love Dark to Deep. In fact, I have decided that it is a wonderful complement to my absent suntan. I love it enough that I will not be searching for a new bronzer, as this will be replacing my #1 favorite (at least for the time being – maybe they’ll bring it back just for me!)

As of the time of this writing, it is $19 on  Amazon vs. $28 at Needless to say, Amazon is my go-to for beauty products. If you’re not a Prime member, it is totally worth the annual fee. Just my opinion, and yes, maybe I am a bit lazy.

For the record, my girlfriend told me that bronzer is for teenagers, and then she came to visit and told me how “pretty” my face looked. I was more than thrilled to tell her that I was wearing my new favorite bronzer, and of course the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Powder! See, getting old isn’t so bad – is it?

If you are new to Bare Minerals makeup, you can read my review here.

Ipsy Reviews

Ipsy Glam Bag Review – November 2017

Hey everyone! As promised in my last post, I am reviewing my November 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag. If you are new to Ipsy, you can read the full article here.

So, for some reason this month my Glam Bag was delayed, but never fear, it arrived on Saturday, November 18th!

Here Is My November 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Reviews

Are you ready to see what was inside?


Here We Go

  • treStique Eyebrow Pencil
  • MAC Prep + Prime
  • Lisa Frank Bitten & Bronzed Matte Bronzer
  • Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo
  • Tarte Blush in Idol

Ipsy Spoilers

Right off the bat, I noticed two things:

  1. I have shared with you on a number of occasions that I have a favorite eyebrow pencil (discovered it through one my 2016 Ipsy Glam Bags!). I am open to trying new things, which is why I subscribe to Ipsy in the first place, so I will give it a chance and let you know what I think.
  2. I also have a favorite primer by Bare Minerals. You can read about my Bare Minerals review here. I discovered their primer when I started using the products and purchased the Bare Minerals Starter Kit. I also know that MAC products are pretty good, so I will give this a shot and see if there is a difference. This too will be posted for your reading pleasure:)


Ipsy Glam Bag Reviews

I have been a regular subscriber to the Ipsy Glam Bag since May of 2015. I decided to write about some of the products that I receive from Ipsy as they are an important topic for Be Electrifying’s readers.

It is our goal to give you reviews on the best (and the worst) beauty products available on the market.

The number one reason I love Ipsy is because you get a sampling of so many different products for only $10 per month. This allows you an opportunity to try something out before investing in the full product. With that said, the products you receive are more than plenty to last you for months depending on how much you use them.

The first Glam Bag I ever received included a product that I have continued using since 2015. It is an eyebrow pencil and I absolutely love it (Learn more about it in this post).

I probably would have never discovered this product had it not been included in my Glam Bag. Beauty products are expensive, so for someone like me who is constantly trying out new things, buying a product at retail just to try out would get very expensive. My Glam Bag allows me to decide what I like and what I don’t like before I make a purchase.

The way it works is you sign up, and then you take a quiz. This is how Ipsy determines what type of products you like by the color, your skin type and a few other categories. If you are receiving products that are not related to what you are interested in, simply go in and tweak your answers on the quiz. You can do this every month if you want.

You are not committed to anything either. If you don’t like it, and you want to cancel, you simply cancel. I can tell you from experience though that if you have $10/month available to allow you to try out new beauty products, Ipsy is the way to go.  Learn more about it by clicking here.

Stay tuned, as we will be reviewing our Ipsy Glam Bags for moving forward. You won’t want to miss what’s in the bag… You can sign up below to be notified when we post something new!

My Absolute Favorite Meaningful Beauty Product

For all you regular readers out there, you should be familiar with my Meaningful Beauty product reviews. What you have not read about yet is about the Meaningful Beauty Superfine Exfoliant product.

I decided to purchase a full size product kit to try for a 2nd month, but this time, I created my own kit. With this shipment, I received the Superfine Exfoliant, and I absolutely love face scrubs. I think it’s the feeling that you get when you use an exfoliant, almost like it is working as you scrub simply because you can feel it. I don’t know, but either way, I decided to give the Meaningful Beauty product a try. More on this in a moment.

Since my last post about Cindy Crawford’s skin care line, I decided to give the products a 2nd try that I had initially blamed for breakouts. Those products were the Antioxidant Day Cream SPF 20 and the Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment.

I have come to the conclusion that these products were not the source of my breakouts. It did not dawn on me at the time, but I own and operate a restaurant where I am the cook. It is a seasonal business open from spring to early fall, and I had just opened for the season at the time of my first Meaningful Beauty review. I realize now that my breakouts were due to getting back into the kitchen for the first time in 5 months, and my face suffered from it for about 2 weeks. Sorry Cindy, it was not your products after all!

Here is My Antioxidant Day Cream Review the 2nd Time Around

My business is a drive in restaurant, so I am in the sun a lot 6 days a week and I really wanted to wear a sunscreen during the day. I have been wearing the antioxidant day cream every single day for nearly a month without a problem, and the best part is, it does not make my face look greasy even after being in a kitchen all day.

I have a clear, smooth complexion, and I am pretty pleased with this product.

When I get home in the evenings and shower, I apply the Creme de Serum, and as I mentioned in earlier posts, I love this product.

And About the Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment

Honestly, I have only used it a few times (mostly if I am going somewhere other than work, which is rare), so I will have to report back on this one.

Now, on to my favorite Meaningful Beauty product…

The Meaningful Beauty Superfine Exfoliant Rocks!

This product is not meant for every day use, so I usually use it while in the shower every 2-3 days. Let me tell you something, I have never used an exfoliant that made my face not only feel smooth and clean, but it actually firms my skin. I don’t even think it is advertised for firming, but my face looks awesome just out of the shower. I am noticing a fresher, cleaner looking skin tone, as I have always suffered from combination skin.

The beads are so tiny, almost like sand, so they are getting in to every little pore on my face. I also use it down my neck (scrubbing gently), and have noticed a firmness in that area as well.

This product will definitely be my go-to exfoliant!

If you want to try it out without subscribing to the Meaningful Beauty subscription, it is available on Amazon here.




cindy crawford glowing serum

Does Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum Really Glow?

If you are a regular reader of Be Electrifying, you may have already read the review on my initial purchase of the 7 piece youth enhancing system. If you are not a regular reader, you can sign up on the right side of this page.

I wanted to give the glowing serum it’s own review, as I feel it deserves it.

Although I did not recommend that you purchase the entire kit, there are different products from it that I do like, and the serum is one of them.

After you cleanse your face and apply your preferred moisturizer, you then apply the glowing serum (be sure the moisturizer is completely dry).

Once the serum is dry, you can then apply your make-up (if you wear it). I noticed an immediate difference in the look of my skin after applying the Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum. It’s hard to explain, but it does give your face a “glow”.

I wear Bare Minerals make-up, and I love the Mineral Veil Powder. I began wearing it long before trying the Meaningful Beauty product line. Although I use the glowing serum, I still love the look of the Mineral Veil, so I apply it after I am completely done with my make-up, and it complements the glowing serum perfect. I will continue to use both products for a flawless look.

If you want to try out the entire Meaningful Beauty product line, obviously the choice is yours, but I hardly ever use the same product brand for all of my face care needs. I find something from one brand that I like, and I stick with it.

For this reason, I am a huge Amazon lover. I purchase almost all of my beauty products there. Unfortunately, at the time of this post, the Glowing Serum is not available to purchase on Amazon.

You can however purchase the Mineral Veil. Be careful that you don’t accidentally purchase the illuminating mineral veil unless you really want a shine!

Meaningful Beauty Lifting Eye Cream – Real Review

If you are expecting a review of Meaningful Beauty Lifting Eye Cream, you are going to get just that, but please read through the entire post as it may not be what you are expecting.

About a month ago, I began using the entire Meaningful Beauty system (you can read the full review here). Included in my 7 Piece Kit was the Lifting Eye Cream which I was very excited about. I had been seeing the infomercials on television for over a year, and I finally jumped in and purchased.

I am beginning to get fine lines around my eyes that are more pronounced when I smile, and it really makes me self conscious, so needless to say, I was really hoping to reduce the appearance of these unsightly visitors.

I applied the eye cream religiously twice a day for nearly a month. Now, I am a realist, so I did not expect to look like I was 20 again, but I did expect some sign that the product was working.

Unfortunately, I did not take before and after photos, but I can say without a doubt that this product has done nothing to reduce the look of the “wrinkles” around my eyes. I plan to continue using the product on one eye, and have purchased a new eye cream that I am using on the other. I want to see if it will show anything different in month 2 compared to this new eye cream that I have read really great reviews about.

I am not prepared to share the new eye cream with you just yet, but stay tuned because I will be posting about it soon enough. You can sign up for my newsletter, and I will email you the minute I post a new review.

This blog is about honesty, and I always try to offer you the best advice on the beauty products that in my experience have worked, and even the ones that have not. In this case, my Meaningful Beauty Lifting Eye Cream review is one that I would not recommend you go out and purchase just yet. I am determined to find one that works so that you can enjoy the benefits without spending too much time, money and energy to find a good product.

Until next time, stay happy, healthy and beautiful!



Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford – One Month In

It has been one full month since I began my review of the Meaningful Beauty system by Cindy Crawford, and I hope that you read this in full before making your decision whether to purchase or not.

I originally posted on March 10, 2017 on my initial impression of the product with a promise to give an honest review as I always do.

First, let me remind you that I am not new to trying out new face products, specifically when it comes to anti-aging creams and moisturizers. I am in my early 40’s, so keeping up with my aging skin is one of my top priorities.

Moving On to My Review

Cindy Crawford Product LineI purchased the 7 piece youth enhancing system, however, I did not use all of the products on day one. The only way to truly test something on it’s own is to space out how and when you use each step.

I began with the skin softening cleanser, pore refining toner, and Creme de Serum. My initial reaction was that my face did feel softer to the touch. I went with this routine for a few days, and I then added the Lifting eye cream.

Once I decided that my face was getting used to the products, I began using the Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment.

Here is Where the Real Review Begins

Until I reached my mid 30’s, I suffered from mild acne breakouts. They finally subsided at that time to where I would only get a pimple or two every now and again. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that the minute the Ultra Lifting and Filling treatment touched my skin, it created a plethora of pimples on my face.

I stopped using the Ultra Lifting and Filling treatment, and added the Antioxidant Day Cream in the morning, and then used the Creme de Serum at night. It is my experience that the Antioxidant Day Cream with SPF 20 had the same affect on my skin – pimples. In all fairness, I will say that I have always had trouble wearing any type of sunscreen on my face due to acne breakouts.

Needless to say, I went back to the original routine of the cleanser, toner, and Creme de Serum (I used the Creme de Serum for both daytime and nighttime moisturizing).

What Happened After a Full Month of Using the Meaningful Beauty System?

I am now a month into using the product, and my face has cleared up, so it is fair to say that my breakouts were not due to the product. If you suffer from mild to moderate acne and are considering using an acne product, you can click here to read why we chose Proactive over X Out.

I still have hope for the Lifting Eye Cream, which has not affected my skin in any way up to this point. And I mean that literally. It had no bad affects, and also had not shown any improvement on the fine lines beginning around my eyes. My initial thought is that it is too soon to notice any difference with wrinkles, so I will continue to use the under eye cream until it is gone and will report back of I find anything worthwhile to share.

Lucky for me (and you), I am reviewing a new eye cream for the fine lines around my eyes, and I am going to test it one one eye while using the Meaningful Beauty Lifting Eye Cream on the other.

You will want to stay tuned for these results because I have a feeling it will be worth your time to read. You can sign up to our newsletter by entering your details at the top right of this page, and we will notify you as soon as we post new reviews and updates.

Until then, stay happy, stay beautiful, and spend your money on products that actually work. To date, my favorite face cream is Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream. When I find one better, you can best believe you will be the first to know. 


X Out Review and a Proactiv Update – Actual Results

It has been over a year now since I wrote about my daughter’s experience with X Out. X Out is an acne product by the same makers of Proactive, and targets teens due to it’s simplicity of use (at least that’s my opinion). It is a one step acne treatment, so the process is less time consuming making it more likely that a teenager will stick with a routine.

My daughter is 16 years old (15 when I wrote the original review), and has suffered with mild acne since she reached puberty at age 12.

I wanted to write a new review of X Out, as things have changed with how her skin was reacting to the product. It seemed like her acne was getting worse again, and trust me when I say that she is vigilant with her skin care routine.

She wears a little make-up, and this is only to cover up her acne. It upsets me like crazy, as she is such a beautiful young lady, and it hurts my heart knowing how much this bothers her.

A few months back, I started noticing her skin was flaring up again, and I asked if she had been washing consistently(which I pretty much knew she had), and she said yes. I asked her if she would be willing to give Proactiv another try, as I had ordered it for her at the early age of 12 or 13.

Now that she is a bit older, I was confident that she would use the product as directed, all 3 steps, twice a day. She agreed.

recipt for ProactivSo I ordered it. You can see my receipt to the left, as I order almost everything from Amazon anymore. I don’t like ordering from Guthy Renker due to the auto-shipments, so I simply order what I need, when I need it from Amazon.

I always try to show you a receipt because there are so many people reviewing products that they have never even tried. So there you go!

One Month Review of Proactive vs our Original X Out Review

As you can see from the receipt we received the order at our home on February 14, 2017 (Happy Valentine’s Day). Since then, I have noticed a drastic change in her skin. I am not going to tell you that her face is completely clear, but I am going to say that her skin tone is different, and her skin is smoother with much less acne on her face.

There is no question in my mind that Proactive is to thank for this. I truly believe that regardless of what product you use, whether for acne or not, or what your age is, using a 3 step product vs. just 1 step is important.

She washes with the cleanser, then applies some toner to a cotton square, lets her skin dry, and finally applies the lotion.  I am so pleased with the results (she is too!) that I just placed another order. (Here is another screenshot of my receipt :))

30 day supply proactiv amazon

I might add that I am an Amazon Prime member, and will likely be forever. It is worth it’s weight in gold to me because of how often I order products on Amazon. Hey, I’m busy, so why not?

If you or someone close to you is struggling with acne, I highly recommend Proactive. But like me, order it from Amazon first (or forever), as if you order through Proactive’s website, you are automatically signed up for the auto-shipments.

Amazon has an option for subscribing to the auto-renewal as well, so just make sure when you check out that you select “One Time Purchase” instead of “Subscribe & Save”.

If you have a younger child suffering with acne (12-14), I would recommend starting with X Out. This will get them used to a daily cleansing routine, and then when you feel that they are responsible enough to do all 3 steps twice a day, then move on to the Proactive product.

I want to reinforce something that Proactive will tell you as well should your order the product. Skin treated with the product will be sensitive to UV rays, so always keep this in mind whether it be for this particular acne product, or any other that you may try.

If you are looking for a 3 step cleansing product that is not meant to treat acne, you can read about a product for us aging women that I am currently reviewing here. This review is not complete, as I have not yet had enough time to truly give an opinion, so stay tuned for my results.






Best Root Concealer for Gray Hair

Suffering With Gray Hair? Me Too!

Let’s face it, we are all going to suffer from the plague of gray hair, some earlier than others, but the fact of the matter is, it’s a reality. I was blessed with my fathers genes when it comes to those blessed silver strands (but I also got his thick head of hair). I am not knocking gray hair for the population as a whole. I see women sporting silver strands that look absolutely fabulous, I am just not one of them. And men? In my opinion, men look so handsome with salt and pepper hair; just one more reason why men have it easy 😉

So How Gray am I?

Honestly, I have no idea. What I do know is that about 5 weeks after my appointment at the salon, I begin to look 10 years older just from the gray roots that appear like clockwork.

I try not to go to the salon before 6 weeks. For one, it is down-right expensive, and for two, it makes me feel like I am giving my hair a break. I have been coloring and/or highlighting my hair for 20 years, and the older I get, the more brittle it becomes.

It’s almost funny some days when my hair is acting out, I look in the mirror and see one course hair sticking straight up from the top of my head. Ok, not so funny.

So, How Do I Cover My Gray Hair Between Salon Visits?

I have tried 2 different root concealers, and I will let you in on both of them, but there is one I prefer and I’ll explain why.

Why did I give Gray Away a better review?

Gray Away was the first product that I tried for concealing my roots. It matches my hair color exactly, and as long as it is applied as instructed, it is invisible to anyone regardless of how hard they may look. It dries better than Loreal’s Root Cover Up.

I bought the Loreal product one day when I was out shopping because the store I was in did not have Gray Away. It seems to be harder to find in stores these days. It matches my hair color, so that was not the problem. What I did not like was even hours later, if I ran my fingers through my hair, the dye would come off on my hands. It literally never fully dried.

For that reason, I would recommend Gray Away as the winner for the best root concealer.

There are many other products that are recommended for covering your roots. Here are a few more (disclaimer: we have only tried the ones reviewed in this post).