Things I’ve Learned In My 45 Years

by Melissa R.
things i have learned

Happy Birthday! Oh, wait, it’s my birthday today, not yours (or is it?). Today I turn 45 years old. Twenty years ago I dreaded the thought of turning 30. In fact, turning 30 was the hardest birthday of all. I’m not really sure why, but I can remember crying and being a complete basket case when I hit that number.

But now, I feel blessed at 45. I have my children, my husband, my health, my career, my dog, and of course family and friends. Oh, and I have you guys, my loyal readers and greatest motivators!

Here are 45 Things That I Have Learned in the Past 45 Years In No Particular Order

  1. Say I Love You
  2. Floss (every day)
  3. Clean the dishwasher filter or it will break
  4. Never leave clothes in the wash overnight
  5. Learn how to cook before you have kids
  6. Go on more vacations as a family
  7. Don’t be shy – shy people don’t exist in today’s society
  8. Read more non-fiction than fiction
  9. Don’t do shots
  10. Remove toxic people from your life
  11. Visit with your parents as much as you can
  12. Cut up the strawberries or they will mold in the container
  13. Eat an avocado every day
  14. Take care of your skin – you don’t get another chance
  15. Dust the baseboards at least once a month
  16. Buy a good sweeper – don’t be cheap, it doesn’t pay
  17. Own a pet
  18. Face your fears
  19. Take more pictures with your kids instead of just taking pictures of your kids
  20. Start a blog or keep a journal (or both)
  21. Use a dryer sheet to clean your shower doors
  22. Start saving money when you’re young (like just out of the womb)
  23. Don’t buy a restaurant unless it can run without you
  24. Do your Christmas shopping before November (I’m still trying to learn this one)
  25. Do the dishes while you’re cooking, not after
  26. Use fresh vegetables
  27. Don’t smoke that first cigarette
  28. Grow your own basil and parsley
  29. Fill up before you run out of gas
  30. Don’t wait until your birthday to get your car tags renewed (yep, that’s me)
  31. Install hardwood floors, not carpet
  32. Learn to take criticism
  33. You can be a parent and then a friend, but never the opposite
  34. Hug your spouse at least once a day
  35. Never leave food on the counter when you have a boxer
  36. Don’t put things in the basement that you don’t use – get rid of them
  37. Never use cheap dish soap – Dawn is the only way to go
  38. Research companies before you rent a car
  39. Keep an address book (no, like a real one, not one on your phone)
  40. When you fail, get back up and try harder
  41. Don’t be judgemental, we’re all dealing with something
  42. You are who you run with
  43. Freeze leftovers
  44. Use root concealer between salon visits
  45. Crate your dog. PERIOD.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and I would love to read your life lessons. Comment below on what valuable lessons you have learned in life.

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay beautiful.

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