What’s In My Make-Up Bag?

by Melissa R.

If I’m being honest, it’s more like, what’s on my bathroom counter? I would take a photo, but I would end up cleaning it first so it’s pointless.  I do use a make-up bag on occasion, but for the most part, my make-up continues to take up residency on the bathroom counter.

I don’t wear a full face of make-up every day; in fact, I have been telling myself that if I really want to keep my husband happy, I should get out of my sweatpants, messy bun, and make-up free face at least a few times a week. But… today’s not that day!

On the days that I do wear make-up, I like a more natural look, especially when it comes to my foundation. When people tell me it looks like I’m not wearing make-up, I consider it a huge compliment.

There are some product brands that I am extremely faithful to and won’t stray from, and then there are others that I’m not going to stress over. I’ll let you know which is which when we climb onto the makeup counter.

I am not including the products I use before I put my make-up on, but maybe I’ll do a separate post with that routine.

So, let’s get into the make-up bag, shall we?


I actually have 2 primers that I really like so whichever one I grab is the one I use. I have used Bare Minerals primer for years, but my favorite primer is by Charlotte Tilbury.

Translucent Powder

My favorite translucent powder is by Bare Minerals. I have been using it for years, so I see no reason to try anything new. With that said, I am not necessarily married to it so if I had to use a different brand, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. The only reason I use it is to bake my primer. I remember the first time learning about this technique I thought it sounded crazy, but it really does make a difference in how your make-up applies.


I really don’t care what eyeliner I use, as longs as it checks all these boxes, I’m good with any brand:

  1. Must be deep black
  2. Must have a thicker and pointy end
  3. Must not smudge easily

There is one I have been wanting to try by Laura Geller New York, so I’ll probably order it on Amazon at some point.

Eyelash Curler

Unfortunately, I was not blessed with any natural curl to my lashes, so an eyelash curler is a must for me. I’m not brave enough to do the eyelash perm trend, but my 21-year-old daughter is. She has done it a number of times and it really does eliminate the need for a curler, but what can I say, maybe I’m old fashioned. I don’t necessarily have a favorite brand, as long as there is a comfort grip on the handle and removable pads for cleaning, I’m open to try any brand. I think the one I have is made by Revlon.


I like Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, but I don’t necessarily have to have it. Again, as long as it is deep black and doesn’t smudge, and also, it can’t flake! I received a sample size of a mascara, and I absolutely hated it. After it dried, it flaked all over my face.


Foundation is a hot topic among beauty bloggers, so you might be surprised when I tell you what my favorite foundation is. I have tried sooooooo… many different foundations over the years. For a time, Bare Minerals was my favorite, but I no longer prefer to wear a powder foundation. I have Charlotte Tilbury, ilMakiage, and Laura Geller New York to name a few, but my every day go-to foundation is simply Cover Girl Olay Simply Ageless. It is the only foundation that I have found that looks natural and applies beautifully.


If I am wearing make-up, I am wearing bronzer. My favorite bronzer used to be The Skinny Dip by Bare Minerals, but for some reason, they discontinued it. This year, I started using JLo Beauty products, and with my order came 2 different shades of what JLo calls the Star Filter Complexion Booster. You can read my review here. The warm bronze is my favorite. It applies and looks so ‘dewy’ on my face. It’s the closest thing to getting natural color from the sun.

Eyebrow Pencil

I remember a day when I didn’t give a second thought to my eyebrows other than ‘plucking’ them. Yes, that was many moons ago. If I could only take one make-up product with me on any given day, it would be an eyebrow pencil. My favorite is IT Cosmetics Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe. I always have an extra one on hand because I never want to be without it.

A close second is by trestique, but they are literally always sold out. If you can find it in stock, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Setting Spray

If you haven’t used a setting spray before, pick one up and give it a try. I spritz a little on before I apply my makeup, and another spritz or two when my makeup is on. I love this setting spray by Charlotte Tilbury, so I splurge on it.

That’s it! These are the products that you would find if brave enough to wade through my make-up bag. Comment below on your favorite products, or even better, let us know what’s in your make-up bag.

Until next time, stay happy, stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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