A review of JLo’s Beauty Skin Care Line – Yes, I Tried It

by Melissa R.
JLo Beauty Review

Jennifer Lopez is known for her amazing sense of style, and her beauty line is no exception. Her products have been praised by experts and everyday users alike, but does the quality match the hype? In this blog post, we will take a look at JLo’s beauty products and see if they are worth the price. And yes, as always, when I review a product, it means I have actually tried it out myself.

JLo Beauty Starter Kit Overview

I chose the JLo Beauty Starter Kit which consists of 3 products and a free gift:

That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser

That JLo Glow Serum

That Blockbuster Hydrating Cream

FREE GIFT: That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask + 2 bottles of That Star Filter (this is not even advertised with the starter kit).

There is an additional starter kit that consists of 5 products and a free gift, which includes all of the products listed above as well as a SPF moisturizer and eye cream.

My Review of Each JLo Beauty Product

First, I should mention that I have been using the same skin-care line for several years now and I really had no complaints (other than the fact that I am still getting older). If you read through the post, I will reveal what skin-care line I have been using. I am not one of those people who expect a miracle to happen after using a product on my face, but I do expect to see some noticeable results, otherwise, I’ll go back to my favorite drug store moisturizer.

I wasn’t looking to change my skin-care routine, but I had been seeing ads for JLo Beauty since I watched JLo cleanse her face live on camera on New Years Eve, 2020. I looked at the product line then, and then again many times for the past 15 months.

Finally, I took the plunge in March, 2022 and anxiously awaited for my shipment so I could try it out myself and give my readers an honest review.

That Hit Single Gel Cream Cleanser Review


Some will say that a face cleanser is just that, a face cleanser. I on the other hand believe that it is much more than that, and JLo’s gel cream cleanser proved me right.

It gently removes make-up, including mascara.

I apply it to dry skin and gently massage before getting my fingertips wet and massaging more. It really does cleanse your face and removes any trace of make-up. It does not leave your face feeling dry or tight afterwards. As far as the “Glo”, we’re getting there.

Simply dab your face with a clean towel after cleansing.

That JLo Glow Serum Review


Ahhh… Upon first application, all I cared about was how smooth the product applied. It was like giving your face that extra moisture it needed without leaving behind a thick, sticky residue like many other serums.

After applying the JLo Serum and allowing it time to dry, I saw it… There was a very simple “glow” on my cheekbones and forehead that was never there before. I really can’t explain it – and I was there!

It is such a refreshing feeling and glides over your skin like water. One pump and I can cover my entire face including my neck.

That Blockbuster Hydrating Cream Review


I have fine lines that are not getting any finer now that I am in my late 40’s (47 if anyone cares). I also have -enter strikethrough – had this little wrinkle right at the corner of my mouth. It almost curved from the top corner of my right lip to the bottom corner. Let’s not talk about the marionette lines that seem to have appeared overnight.

After the first application, I noticed a firmness to my face. No, I did not look 10 years younger, but I will say it was very noticeable.

I ordered the JLo Beauty Started Kit on March 14, 2022 and received it approximately one week later. I began using it immediately, and I am now onto my second order which is the full-size supply.

The results I have had with That Blockbuster Hydrating Cream are significant. That little wrinkle on the side of my lip that I mentioned earlier – it is almost invisible now. Those marionette lines that aged me by several years – GONE!

I am astonished at how much younger my skin looks.

That Limitless Glow Sheet Mask Review

I have not tried the Limitless Glow Sheet Mask yet. Since I only have one, I am saving it for a special occasion and will follow-up with a review once I have tried it.

That Star Filter Complexion Booster Review

I did not try the Complexion Booster’s until a couple weeks ago because honestly, I had no idea what to do with them.

One day when I was applying my make-up, I decided to try it. I received two different shades with my Starter Kit (as well as two full-sized bottles with my second order).

That Star Filter Warm Bronze

The first time I tried this shade, I put a little too much on my fingertip and ended up looking like a 2-year-old did my make-up. The second time I tried it, I was more careful to only put a tiny dab on my fingertip and applied it to my cheekbones, and a little on my nose and forehead. It gave my face a glow that I have never experienced with any other product. It is absolutely gorgeous. If you are a regular reader, you already know that I do not use regular “blush”. I prefer bronzer, even in the winter. I just choose my shade of bronzer depending on the season.

Well, bye-bye Bare Minerals Bronzer. You have just been replaced with That Star Filter in warm bronze.

That Star Filter Rose Gold

This shade has more of a pinkish bronze color to it (hence the Rose Gold name) and I love it. I have never been able to wear anything in a red or pink shade due to the redness that I had across my nose. That redness has been lightened since using JLo’s Beauty products, and what I did not mention earlier is that the large pores on the side of my nose have been reduced as well. I don’t know that I’ll ever get rid of them because I think a few of them are scars from the mild acne I suffered from until I was in my mid-twenties, but they are definitely less noticeable. Add that to the reduced redness and I now feel more confident without foundation.

Pros and Cons of JLo’s Beauty Products


  • Increases firmness
  • Provides a healthy glow
  • Reduces fines lines and marionette lines
  • Reduces pores
  • Reduces skin redness
  • A little goes a long way


  • Products are packaged in thick plastic containers, so make sure you recycle
  • The cost is not cheap, but the rewards are worth it!

Where to Buy JLo Beauty Products

  • Amazon.com
  • JLobeauty.com
  • Sephora.com

I am thoroughly impressed with the entire JLo Beauty line, and I think you will be too. The skin-care line I have been using for several years is Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty line. I will be replacing the cleanser, serum, and face cream with JLo Beauty’s products, but I will continue to use some of my other Meaningful Beauty favorites.

If you are looking to tighten your skin and add a beautiful glow, this is it. The products are not overly expensive for the amount you get and the fact that “a little goes a long way”, so try them out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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