My Favorite Bare Minerals Bronzer is AWOL

by Melissa R.
my all time favorite bronzer

As you may know, I am not only a Bare Minerals addict, I am also addicted to bronzer. I have not used blush for several years for one reason: I love a little color on my skin, and I don’t mean blush. If I could have a suntan year-round, well my life would be complete!

UPDATE: New Bare Minerals Bronzer Favorite

Since this article was written, I have found another shade of Bare Minerals bronzer that I absolutely love. It is not too dark, even in the winter, and gives my face a nice bronzed glow even in the summertime when I have a tanned face. The shade is simply called “Tan”.

With that said, I live in the northeastern part of the United States where having a suntan is only an option between May and September (if I’m lucky). A couple of years ago, I discovered the most beautiful bronzer that I have since purchased many times over because I simply don’t want to use any other brand/color. I bought it again in early September, and literally a few weeks later, I dropped it on my bathroom floor (ceramic tile), and it busted into so many pieces that it could not be saved. If you have ever done the same you know damn well I tried to save just enough to get by.

Yes, I Sent My Daughter to Get My Bare Minerals Bronzer

Being desperate and short on time (my husband and I were actually going out on a date the next night), I sent my daughter to the Ulta Store nearby with the now empty compact of bronzer, which was called The Deep End by Bare Minerals.

What Happened to the Bare Minerals Deep End Bronzer?

She called me upon arriving at the store to tell me that they do not have that color, and that the store clerk told her I would need to order it online (if it is available). She text me the 2 colors of bronzer by Bare Minerals that I had to choose from (there are 4 available online), so I had her purchase “Dark to Deep” in the event that I would be unable to order The Deep End, and the simple fact was I had to have it. (I have inserted our text exchange below for your reading pleasure) 🙂

deep end bronzer alternative

When I had time, I went to the Bare Minerals website, and tried to order it online, and here is what I saw:

what happened to the deep end

As you can see, I took a screen shot of the pull down menu, because this is what The Deep End Bronzer looked like (the actual compact). The only option available as of the time of this post is The Skinny Dip.

Below is an image of The Deep End, and I am sure you can see that there is more than just a “slight” difference in color. Oh, how I miss you even though it is November (December 1st tomorrow)! Oh, that reminds me, are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? Me either. I have $200 spent so far, and it was the lazy man’s way (online). At any rate, let’s get back to what’s important.

bare minerals bronzer deep end




So, The Deep End Vs. Dark to Deep – What’s the Verdict?

Considering that I no longer have a choice, clearly I have to use a different bronzer, and I am happy to announce that I really really love Dark to Deep. In fact, I have decided that it is a wonderful complement to my absent suntan. I love it enough that I will not be searching for a new bronzer, as this will be replacing my #1 favorite (at least for the time being – maybe they’ll bring it back just for me!)

As of the time of this writing, it is $19 on  Amazon vs. $28 at Needless to say, Amazon is my go-to for beauty products. If you’re not a Prime member, it is totally worth the annual fee. Just my opinion, and yes, maybe I am a bit lazy.

For the record, my girlfriend told me that bronzer is for teenagers, and then she came to visit and told me how “pretty” my face looked. I was more than thrilled to tell her that I was wearing my new favorite bronzer, and of course the Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Powder! See, getting old isn’t so bad – is it?

If you are new to Bare Minerals makeup, you can read my review here.

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