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My Daughter’s Umbra Fishhotel Finally Has a Tenant

by Melissa
small aquarium for betta fish

I’m in love. Just when you think you have everyone in your life that you would ever need (other than grandchildren, but let’s wait a bit on that), along comes another new addition to the family.

Meet Calvin, or Mr. Betta Fish

Calvin the Betta FishCalvin is a Twin Tail Halfmoon Male Betta Fish, and he is beautiful.

We brought him home today (February 9, 2019) at approximately 4:15pm. He weighs… wait, hold on, let me put myself in check. He is not a child, and I have absolutely no idea what he weighs!

So How Did We Come to Owning a Betta Fish?

You may recall from my post in December where I wrote about buying gifts for the hard to buy for women in your life and that I found a gift idea for my daughter (who is now 18), and I said that I was thinking about buying her the Umbra Fishhotel Mini Aquarium.


I did in fact buy her the Umbra Fishhotel Mini Aquarium, and Here is the Outcome

I had originally planned on having it all set up for her on Christmas morning, fish and all. Unfortunately, most of you know that I lost my father on December 29, 2018, so Christmas was a bit of a difficult time this past year, and I did not have time to get her aquarium set up. I wrapped the tank itself as a gift, and told her that we would go out and get her a Betta Fish as soon as we were able.

Today, I had to go out and get dog food for our Boxer Jax, and as soon as I said it out loud to my daughter, I remembered her fish tank! I had totally forgotten about it, so I asked her if she would like to come with me and choose a fish for her Fishhotel.

Off we went. A Betta Fish, thermometer, heater, real plants, and fish food later, we were home to put Calvin in his penthouse.

A Penthouse Fishhotel For Our Favorite Betta Fish

We researched how to move a Betta Fish into a new tank, and followed the instructions to a T. Calvin is happy in his new home, and the aquarium heater we bought for him has him feeling all warm and fuzzy!

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