Crepe Erase Facial Treatment Review – The Verdict Is In…

by Melissa R.
crepe erase facial treatment reviews

Sometimes I wonder how I can keep my job as a blogger when I am constantly forgetting to blog! I mean seriously, isn’t that what I’m supposed to be doing every day? I guess it’s because there is no one who can fire me. That’s the beauty of creating a blog and sharing my stories with beautiful readers like you! But the reality is, I really need to buckle down so I can continue providing you with the most honest reviews on beauty products, gifts for… well everyone, or when I decide I just want to use my blog to whine or vent.

Well today, I am not whining! I am here because I am keeping a promise that I made when I shared my Crepe Erase Review with you back in April.

If you did not read that post, my promise was to provide a review of the Crepe Erase Restorative Facial Treatment. This was not included in my original Crepe Erase shipment because it was released afterwards, so I contacted customer service and changed my Crepe Erase products to include the facial treatment.

So Here’s My Crepe Erase Facial Treatment Review

If you are not familiar with the entire Crepe Erase line, please read my original Crepe Erase Review for more information as this post is only focused on the facial treatment products.

The Facial Treatment line consists of 2 products that are strictly designed to be used on your face.

1. Refining Facial Scrub

The refining facial scrub is used first, hence the term “scrub”.

It is a gentle exfoliate that helps to promote healthy cell turnover in your face while the active ingredient, TruFirm® Complex helps with firming and brightening your skin.

Yes, I know. You could have gone directly to the official Crepe Erase website to learn that. But it is my duty to first explain what the product is, and then we can get to the review!

The first time I ever used this, I could not believe how soft my face felt when I rinsed the product off. I immediately noticed a “glow” so-to-speak around my cheekbones after I got out of the shower. I was honestly impressed after the very first application.

Crepe Erase Amazon

2. Restorative Facial Treatment

This is the 2nd and last step for the facial treatment products.

It is a moisturizer, and also has the TruFirm® Complex.

I use it once a day, and apply it immediately after washing my face with the Refining Facial Scrub.

Full transparency, I first wash my face with this Neutrogena product because it completely removes my eye makeup. After I apply the Restorative Facial Treatment, I apply my Crepe Erase Flaw Fix Eye Cream. (that stuff rocks!)

Crepe Erase Amazon

So, Do the Crepe Erase Facial Treatments Work?

First of all, let’s talk about how long I have been using the face products. I started using them the 2nd week of July, 2019, and today is September 12, 2019. That is 2 months, and I have used them faithfully almost every single day.

It is really hard to review a face product when you are the study subject. I mean, I see myself every single day, so what method do I have for gauging the results?

Well, that depends!

If you asked me, I would tell you that I have not felt comfortable without makeup for, well forever! I have found myself going without foundation more in the last couple of weeks than I ever have. My face looks smoother, more firm, and it has even reduced some of the redness that I have on my nose and inner cheeks.

If you asked the boy in Memphis who spread my fathers ashes a few weeks ago, he would tell you that he though my husband was my father before I told him that it was my father’s ashes we were spreading! That is the honest truth!

Or you could ask the young woman that I met with last week who told me she could not believe how young I look after we discussed family and children, and she learned that mine are 21 and 18. I told her I was 45, and she told me I didn’t look a day over 35! (By the way, she was 31 in case you were wondering).

I know that to you, the above compliments mean nothing. I mean how do you know that I don’t look exactly the same now as I did in June? Well, I can tell you this. I do not have the amount of loyal readers that I have because I give fake reviews. No, I have loyal readers because they know that they can trust that when I review a product, I am actually reviewing my own use of the product.

Either way, if you are beginning to show signs of aging, or just want to give your skin a boost, I highly recommend the Crepe Erase Facial Treatment products. And don’t forget that you can get them on Amazon as a one-time purchase vs. subscribing on the Crepe Erase website.

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