Meaningful Beauty Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment Review

by Melissa R.
firm skin

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford offers a broad range of skin care products for women with signs of aging, including the Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment.  The problem is that in order to try out any of the products, they require you to subscribe, which is pretty expensive.

Well, I have done that and it gave me the opportunity to try out the Meaningful Beauty system so that I can report back to my readers on whether I think they should try it out or not.

You can read about my favorite Meaningful Beauty products here, but in this post, I just want to focus on one the products that I really love. The Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment. When I originally reviewed the products, this is one that I had not used enough to be able to report back on.

What is My Review on the Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment?

meaningful beauty ultra lifting and filling treatment review

Although I love the product, I want to be completely transparent about it should you decide you want to try it out.

When you apply it, you will notice that it does not have the pleasant scent of a face cream, but remember that it is not a cream. It is a clear liquid that dries almost instantly, so you only smell the product when you initially apply it. Now I don’t want you to think that it has a vulgar odor, that is not the case. It is just not a pleasant smell like you may experience with other makeup or skin care products. With that said, I can live with it for the few seconds that it takes to dry.

The End Result

Once it is dry, you will notice an instant firmness to how your face feels as well as a smooth feeling.

When you really notice that the product works is when you apply your makeup. It really does give your face a younger, firmer look.

When to Apply the Treatment?

You apply it daily just after you have cleansed your face. After applying the lifting and filling treatment, you would then apply your moisturizer, primer, and then of course your make up.

How Much Does It Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, the subscription to Meaningful Beauty is expensive to keep up with, particularly since some of the products are really no better than any other. But when you find a product that you like, you want to be able to purchase it a-la-carte so to speak, but Meaningful Beauty does not give you that option.

So what do I do? I go to Amazon. You can buy the ultra filling treatment by itself, or a better option would be to buy the kit (just make sure that you do not click the subscribe button on Amazon) because it is included in the Introductory 5-Piece System.

That would give you an opportunity to try out some of the other products so you can decide for yourself. Click here to read about the Meaningful Beauty 7 Piece Kit that I purchased the first time around.



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