Cover Girl Olay Simply Ageless Foundation – Tested and the Results are In

by Melissa R.

As promised, when I shared why I had to say good-bye to powder foundation, I promised to review a few of the liquid foundations that I had on my ‘to try first list’ while I continue on my mission to find the best liquid foundation for my aging skin.

Cover Girl Olay Simply Ageless is first on the List

The name says it all, ‘Simply Ageless’. That is a pretty good indicator that it is designed and formulated for our beautiful and maturing skin. So, I applied my makeup with the same routine as always, with the only exception being the type of foundation I used.

Cover Girl has been around for decades (established in 1961), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s meant for those of us that are at or nearing our 5th+ decade, does it? Well, the results are in, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how well my skin looked.

This could partially be due to the Air Brush Setting Spray that I’ve been raving about. I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a gift! You won’t regret spending $40 on something that you can use every day to make your skin look fresh and dewy all while keeping your makeup in place. The crazy thing is that redness is not even the reason I decided to move from powder foundation to liquid. No, the reason is, I’m getting older, and so is my skin, so I’m trying to find the best foundation that doesn’t make my fine lines more visible.

What Ingredients are in the Simply Ageless Formula?

Hyaluronic complex and vitamin C and it also contains SPF 28.

Did the Shade I Chose Match My Skin?

I actually tested out two colors because the first one I bought mid-summer when I was brown as a berry and I thought it might be too dark for the fall. I know, that doesn’t help with aging skin, but I can’t help myself. I do use sunscreen on my face though, which is a step in the right direction, I guess! At any rate, I went out and bought another just a shade lighter, and I tested both of the shades to see which one would match my skin better, and to be honest, they both looked great. One was a little light because I still have a slight tan left (it’s only early October) so it made my face look lighter than my chest, but once I applied my favorite liquid bronze filter by the JLo beauty line, it at actually looked pretty darn good!

They offer somewhere around 10 different shades, so I’m pretty pleased that I found a near-perfect shade on the first go-around.

How About those Fine Lines?

Now that I am 48 and nearing the big 5-0, I have finally come to terms with the fact that regardless of what makeup I wear, those little babies are never in the mood to hide, and you know what, I’m finally OK with that. I can handle the fact that my face no longer looks like it did when I was 30, but what I don’t want is anything that is going to magnify them or make them more visible.

Cover Girl Olay Simply Ageless is a great foundation, especially for the price, not to mention the convenience that you can find it just about anywhere that sells makeup.

cover girl olay simply ageless 240 Natural Beige reviewMy Review of Cover Girl Olay Simply Ageless

I can’t blame the product for the fact that I have redness across my nose and cheeks, so I’m not going to fault the foundation for the fact that it does not cover it.

I’m wearing 240, Natural Beige in the photo. It almost looks like I’m not wearing foundation at all. Of course, that has been a life-long goal of mine, and I’m getting closer!

Redness aside, this foundation is beautiful. It goes on smooth, doesn’t settle into the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead (and unfortunately, it doesn’t erase them either!). It makes my skin look healthy and has enough coverage for most of the flaws on my skin from sun damage and old acne marks.

I did find a product that I usually apply before my foundation that does a fantastic job of keeping the redness at bay, but I did not use it for this review. I will wear this foundation again, so the next time I apply it, I’ll use the redness corrector and post a photo so you can see what a difference it makes by calming some of the redness across my nose and cheeks.

Side-By-Side Comparison of Cover Girl Olay Simply Ageless in Natural Beige and Medium Beige

simply ageless side by side comparison

I have to admit, the natural beige covered my redness quite a bit better than the medium light, so if I continue using this foundation, Natural Beige #240 will definitely be the one I use.

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