Mirror Review: Will it be the Key to My Success?

by Melissa R.
the mirror review

UPDATE 10/5/2022 - The fitness MIRROR by lululemon has been officially renamed to 'Lululemon Studio Mirror' and they've got a deal going on right now that you can't refuse! In fact, I just paid full price a few weeks ago, and they are now offering almost 50% off. I don't know how long this deal is going to last, so if you click-through and it's full-price, you've missed the offer deadline (which to my knowledge has not been announced).

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Ummm... Yes, I bought the Lululemon MIRROR

First of all, PLEASE don't tell my husband how much I paid for the sleek, stylish Mirror that suddenly appeared in my family room! He has yet to ask me about it, I'm sure because he is just assuming that I purchased another item for my favorite room in the house (because I am usually the only person in it and it's where I get to talk to all of you!).

I have been thinking about the Mirror for over a year now. It all started with - yep, you guessed it - social media ads. You know, the ones that follow you around like a lost puppy dog, and the minute you throw it a bone (click on an ad), it's your friend for life! Well, this puppy just stole my wallet, so I thought I would share my thoughts with my readers.

You can look up Mirror Reviews on Google or other search engines and find an entire page filled with them, but I'm here to give you a review from a user's perspective. So, here is a photo of the Mirror in my family room.

lululemon mirror

No, that is not me in the mirror jumping up and down on my couch, that is my favorite instructor, Amanda, but that is my family room (and those are my socks on the chair!). It's what inspired the creator to make the Mirror - so we can see our reflection in the Mirror but also see our instructor.

The plant near the window is one of my favorite things. It was just a tiny plant housed in a planter with 4 or 5 others that a good friend of mine sent to me when my dad passed away. I repotted it, and it has grown almost 2 feet in about 3 1/2 years. Ok, so that was off topic, but that's how I roll!

When the Mirror is off, it is actually a beautiful full-length mirror. My guests will never know that I installed a gym in my family room. I have not decided yet if I will keep it in this room, I just put it there until I make up my mind. The problem is, my daughter wants to use it, so putting it in my bedroom, which is where I had originally intended is not an option as she prefers to work out later in the evening.

After countless strolls through my home as if I've never been here before, I still cannot find another place for this mirror. I can't put it in the living room because my husband won't be able to see his reality TV shows, I don't think I want it in the area between the kitchen and living room because there is ZERO privacy in that area, I doubt people want to watch me sweating and twerking in the dining room, and if I put it in the basement it won't even exist, so I really don't think I have any other choice but to keep it in the family room.

Why Did I Purchase the Mirror?

This is not a short answer, but I'll try to keep it as painless as possible. Alot of my reviews are done because you guys ask me to, or I think it's something that I would love to test/use/have. When this happens, I purchase the product, try it out, and report back to you. Well, if I'm being honest, I'm not sure that I would have gone as far as to make such an expensive purchase just to write a review on it. I mean, I have to draw the line somewhere. And like I said, we're keeping the cost of this not-so-impulse purchase on the down-low! He can never know!

I don't necessarily have to 'lose weight' in the eyes of the weight loss world, or even my husband, but these last few years of being in perimenopause have really started to get me down. I have love handles I never had before, my stomach is puffy almost all of the time, and regardless of what I eat, I can't seem to get back to normal.

I began taking a probiotic supplement called Provitalize about a year and a half ago, and then added the Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies (click here to save %10 on any Goli purchase) to my regimen about a year ago.  I'd probably look like I was getting close to my 'due date' otherwise. But even with these vitamins and supplements, I've still not managed to get my normal figure back (I have managed to lose a few pounds but nothing to get me back in my favorite jeans), and hell, maybe I never will, but I'm not going down without a fight.

When it comes to working out, I am not the most motivated person. It's not that I'm too lazy to work out (well, unless you consider not wanting to go to a gym lazy). See, I am a serious introvert when it comes to stuff like that. I can't even imagine walking into a gym the first time at 48 years old. Yikes! The thought alone makes me anxious. The last time I stepped foot in a gym was before my son was born (he's 24 now).

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but not only have I downloaded workout apps on my phone, I have subscribed to a few of the paid ones like V-Shred and a few others that I have since forgotten the names of. After I would download them, I would enjoy my coffee in the morning while watching some of the workout videos to see if there are any I may want to try, and then I would go on with my day. No, I didn't forget to mention the part where I would then work out. Within a month, I had already canceled the subscription and continued on with my search for the 'perfect fitness app'.

I also bought the Aero-Ski last year, and I really like it. I get on it a few times per week (I'm shooting for every day now) until my thighs are burning so bad that I swear I'll never do it again, but I can only withstand a few minutes (yes, I'm serious, a few minutes is all I can take right now). Maybe I'll be able to use it more when I'm a little more in shape. Wait, that sounds pretty backwards, doesn't it? Isn't that why I bought the Aero-Ski to begin with, to get in shape? Regardless, I still needed an exercise routine in addition to my not-a-professional-skier workout. I've seen videos of people on it and it makes me feel like I really need to step up my game. I plan to write a review on that as well, so make sure you subscribe to my blog to get updates.

Just recently, I found a fun workout video on Youtube, and since I now know how to view my phone screen on my Smart-TV (thanks to the Johnny Depp Trial that I wasted hundreds of hours of my life on and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!), I decided to work out in the living room while having the video on the TV screen. I did that once and I couldn't keep up with the girl, so I saved her channel.

All of this lost time and zero results is what came to mind when the Mirror ad came across my too-smart smartphone again. And this time, they were offering $100 off and free delivery AND you can make payments through Affirm if approved, so I pondered it for a couple days and then I went for it.

Mirror Delivery and Installation

They were offering free delivery, but installation isn't free, and I decided I could probably handle getting the Mirror set up so I was able to avoid the installation fee.

It took about a week for delivery, but this was only because the day that it was schedule for delivery, my Mirror was damaged during transit, so I had to wait a couple more days. I guess that's better than receiving a shattered mirror, so I didn't complain.

The delivery driver was really friendly, and although I did not pay for installation, he did bring it in the house for me. The Mirror itself weighs 70 pounds, so unless you're already a buff fitness guru, you will need a 2nd pair of hands to help you get it in the door and out of the box.

The Mirror itself is 1.4 inches thick and is designed to be hung on the wall. Right now, mine is just leaning against the wall since I have yet to decide what room it's permanent residence will be. On that note, if you are as picky as I am about cords, if you decide to purchase the Mirror and want to hang it (which I recommend, if nothing else but for the visual appeal), make sure it is going to be directly in front of an outlet. There is a small area on the back where you can tuck the cord so it lays flat on the wall.

Once you have the Mirror placed and plugged in to an outlet, all of the other setup is done on your phone. There is NOTHING on the Mirror as far as power buttons, controls, etc. Everything is handled through the app. You download their app and it walks you through the process. I'm pretty good with technology, so this part was fairly simple, but if anything more than calling or texting on your phone scares you, and heaven forbid Wi-Fi issues, I would recommend paying for the installation or asking a friend/family member to assist. I believe the white glove service is $250.

Ok, So Now My Mirror Was Ready to Go! The Question Is, Was I?

The first class I tried was in the 'Dance' category, and it was Latin dance. I thought, hmmm, that sounds like fun, so I gave it a few cha-chas. It was a little much for me right out of the gate so I decided that when my body is a little more adjusted to working out again, I will go back to it because it really did seem like fun.

That's when I found Amanda. One of her classes is also a dance exercise, which is really what I wanted to do from the start, so I put my brand-new sneakers on that I purchased just to wear in the house, and I jumped right in.

My first thought was, I honestly didn't know how I was going to justify spending $1500 on a fitness mirror because eventually someone's going to let the cat out of the bag and I'm going to have to come clean with my husband, but I quickly came to the realization that I was actually enjoying it. I like watching the screen and seeing my health score, how many calories I'm burning as they're burning, how much longer I have until the session is over, and how it keeps track of my activity week-by-week. The best part is having all of the classes right at my fingertips.

Can You Use Mirror Without a Subscription?

There is a mandatory 12-month subscription to the app at which time you can decide if you want to keep it, but in my opinion, if you're not going to use the app, it's not worth purchasing. You may as well just go and buy a full-length mirror if you just want to see your reflection. The monthly cost for the app is $39/month. With that said, I do feel that Mirror could have provided a 12-month subscription to the app included with the cost of the Mirror. All-in-all, $1500 for the Mirror and $39/month really isn't that bad considering how much people are paying for workout machines and gym memberships. I mean a Nordic Track is over $4,000!

Using the Mirror App to Motivate Friends (and yourself)

My daughter discovered it first, and immediately sent me a request via the app so I can see her activity, and of course I shared mine with her. She can't see everything about my activity that I can, but she can see what classes I've taken, and when I took them, and the same goes for her. I think this is a great too to use for motivation if you have a friend or family member who has the Mirror.

How Many People Can Set Up Profiles on the Mirror App?

Mirror allows 5 people to set up a profile on one Mirror. When you are going to use it, you simply connect it to your phone, and it adjusts everything to your profile.

For families that enjoy working out together, unless you don't care about tracking your progress, one Mirror is not going to be enough. If you don't care about tracking your progress in the app then it's not an issue. I mean, they do make smart watches for that!

Can the Mirror Instructors See You?

The Mirror does have a camera in it for users who choose to go the personal trainer route or join live sessions where the instructor actually interacts with the participants in the class, however, it comes with a cover for the camera if you prefer to keep your workouts private.

Do I Need Equipment to Use the Mirror?

This is one of the benefits of the Mirror. When you download the app and begin setting up your profile, it will ask you what equipment you have, and it uses this information to provide you with classes that fit those criteria. If you don't have any weights, no problem. There are tons of classes that do not require anything but you.

It Even Offers a Health Score

Mirror launched a Universal Health Score to better understand your fitness needs.

Your Universal Health Score is a number that represents your MIRROR progress and all of the work you have done over the course of your MIRROR lifetime.

There are also colors; red, green and blue that allows the MIRROR to recommend categories that you should try more of to reach your fitness goals.

Does the Mirror Turn Off?

Yes, the default setting in the Mirror is 5 minutes. If you want it to shut off sooner or want it to stay awake longer, simply adjust the time in the settings. Other than the camera cover, which is optional, there is nothing on the MIRROR that would make anyone think it's used for fitness.

So, Let’s Get into My Official Mirror Review - Was It Worth the Cost?

I absolutely love the Mirror. Now, remember, I'm not a very social person when it comes to going to strange places and meeting new people, so for me, this is perfect.

I love that I can turn it on anytime I have 15 or 30 extra minutes and it's ready for me. All I have to do is put my shoes on.

I think I've finally found my fitness solution. Actually, I know I have because I've made a promise to myself that I will get in shape, and with the AeroSki and the Mirror, if I can't get in shape between the two of them, I'll go ahead and put on my potato sack. Now, the day I can keep up with the cha-cha guy will be the day that this product pays for itself!

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Lululemon fitness Mirror. I may post a video later, so stay tuned by subscribing...

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