BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Box

This 9 piece Beauty Surprise Box comes with:

  • BareMinerals All Over face Color  ( Secret Radiance )
  • 2 BareMinerals Eye Color ( Spellbound, Surreal )
  • 1  BareMinerals Liner Shadow ( Suspense )
  • 1  BareMinerals Blush ( Intrigue )
  • 1  BareMinerals Double Ended 100% Natural Lip Gloss ( Angel Food Cake, Brilliance )
  • 3  Brush ( Liner Diffuser, Tapered Crease Defining, Soft Sweep Cheek )

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Box is becoming more and more popular with even the younger generation.  Nothing like flawless skin to begin your day.

UPDATE: The Bare Minerals Beauty Surprise Box is no longer available. You can read our review on the Bare Minerals Starter Kit if you are interested in that option.

You may also want to read our review of Origins Ginzing Eye Cream.


Click Here to Check Out Bare Minerals Surprise Box 

Update: I don’t believe that this Box is still available. You can take a look at the Bare Minerals Kit as it is pretty similar.

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Collection


5 Replies to “BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Box

  1. I just bought the starter kit for Bare Minerals last month in the store at
    our local mall. I have to say I’m in love with this product. The girls in
    the store were so nice and helpful. They teach you a demo and how to use
    the products. I know for the powder foundation and miner veil you tap the
    product in the lid, swirl the brush in the lid, tap the brush of excess
    then swirl it on your face. With the cream foundations your suppose to tap
    once and then buff it on your face. Your starter kit will have clear
    instructions, but if you’re having a hard time I recommend going into one
    of their stores and they’ll be happy to teach you. The prime time primer
    for foundation is awesome stuff, and the mineral veil is used to complete
    your look. So it should be used after primer, concealer, foundation,
    brightner/bronzer. What’s great about bare minerals is that a little
    product goes a very very long way. So it’s made to last. I hope you do
    figure out the prices though because they tend not to be on the cheap side.
    You seem to get the best deal with bundle kits, if they’re available.

  2. I am so kicking myself for not ordering this box! I ordered the last one
    they had and didn’t care for it much….but this box was awesome!! 

  3. Check out LoveShelbey’s channel. She has excellent tutorials for the Bare
    Minerals makeup and how to use things like warmth and the veil.

  4. I might try one of their promotions out! I loved the Bare Minerals lipstick
    that I received through the Ipsy subscription and have been wanting more
    ever since.

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