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Holiday Gift Ideas For the Hard to Buy For

by Melissa

Why is it that there are certain people on our list that we can shop for without any hassles, and then there are people who seem to have everything they need and more, and this is when our shopping trip takes a turn?

OK, maybe they’re not being difficult intentionally, but come on! Give me a break already! I have enough to do between my every day “mom chores”, putting the Christmas tree up, decorating the house (which includes first cleaning it from top to bottom), getting the grocery list together, because frankly, if I don’t do Christmas Eve at my house, it won’t get done, and finally, finishing my Christmas shopping by the time the stores close and everyone goes home to wait for Santa! I’ve actually done better with the gifts in the past several years thanks to my addiction to online shopping, but I still get stuck in the stores because I wait too long to order something, and then I risk it not being delivered on time.

Enough about that! I have put together some shopping lists for those hard to buy for people on your list, and I hope that you get some use out of them because I spent entirely too much time and money (money because I couldn’t stop ordering things) putting these lists together!