Does Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum Really Glow?

by Melissa R.
cindy crawford glowing serum

If you are a regular reader of Be Electrifying, you may have already read the review on my initial purchase of the 7 piece youth enhancing system. If you are not a regular reader, you can sign up on the bottom of this page.

Here are My Thoughts on Meaningful Beauty’s Glowing Serum

I wanted to give the glowing serum it’s own review, as I feel it deserves it.

Although I did not recommend that you purchase the entire kit, there are different products from it that I do like, and the glowing serum is one of them.

How to Use Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum

  1. After you cleanse your face and apply your preferred moisturizer, you then apply the glowing serum (be sure the moisturizer is completely dry).
  2. Once the serum is dry, you can then apply your make-up (if you wear it). I noticed an immediate difference in the look of my skin after applying the Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum. It’s hard to explain, but it does give your face a “glow”.

I wear Bare Minerals make-up, and I love the Mineral Veil Powder. I began wearing it long before trying the Meaningful Beauty product line. Although I use the glowing serum, I still love the look of the Mineral Veil, so I apply it after I am completely done with my make-up, and it complements the glowing serum perfect. I will continue to use both products for a flawless look.

Do I Recommend the Entire Meaningful Beauty Line?

If you want to try out the entire Meaningful Beauty product line, obviously the choice is yours, but I hardly ever use the same product brand for all of my skin care needs. I find something from one brand that I like, and I stick with it.

For this reason, I am a huge Amazon lover. I purchase almost all of my beauty products there. Unfortunately, at the time of this post, the Glowing Serum is not available to purchase on Amazon.

**UPDATE –  I am so excited to announce that Amazon now has this product available for purchase. You can find it here. Happy glowing!

You can however purchase the Mineral Veil. Be careful that you don’t accidentally purchase the illuminating mineral veil unless you really want a shine!

[amazon_link asins=’B06VY4TJV5,B016FD2QH0,B075H1GDF9,B01D3ESU88,B001AN0UTC,B0030TTS9M’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’beelectrifying-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6a8235d7-2660-429e-aafe-9db9dda28560′]

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