Hair Care Tips, Products and Recommendations

When it comes to your hair, what you put on it should be just as important as how you decide to style it. There is a reason why there are so many different hair care products on the market, although they do not all stack up to being the best.

Hair care products are a result of extensive research on the science behind hair, and what it requires to maintain a healthy balance. The research done for dry hair may be subtly different from the research for oily hair. For this reason, choosing the best product for your hair’s condition is important.

When you look at the different brands of products marketed to women, like anything else in life, there are very expensive brands, middle-of-the-road, and of course, the less expensive. Your budget likely determines what you can afford for your hair care products, but there is a reason for the difference in prices. The behind-the-scenes research is performed by actual scientists of hair.  The most expensive products are the result of research performed by the best scientists in the country (or world), so you can bet that they have just a little more knowledge in the science of hair, and what ingredients are best when added together for the best results.

Good genes play a part in what type of hair you have, but regardless, take hair care out of the equation, and what was once beautiful and silky can end up being dry and brittle.

There is a solution, in fact, hundreds of them in the form of shampoos, intensive deep conditioners and masks, all-natural styling products, all of which help maintain a healthy balance for your hair. It is just a matter of finding what your budget can afford, and what will give you the results you are looking for.

There is a reason why the locks worn by celebrities are always the most beautiful, and have a shine like nothing you have ever seen. That reason is how much they can afford to spend on their hair care products. Now, I am not saying that you should go out and buy the products they are using, it is just meant to reiterate that money=better products.

Our goal is to help distinguish the better products that the general population can afford, and sort them out by what the product is designed to help with, whether it be increase shine, eliminate frizz, put the moisture back in your hair, or any of the other reasons we go in search for hair care products.


30 Replies to “Hair Care Tips, Products and Recommendations

  1. this is so cute! Will definitely try it tomorrow. Sooo would ANYONE like to
    be YouTube friends?? (sub and i’ll sub back just ask!! 🙂 

  2. Question… This style lasts you for 2-3 days?? How do you sleep on it
    without deflating the curls? Bun? I’m so clueless… Can’t get my curls to
    last a full day let alone sleep on them!

  3. Great video Girly♥♥♥♥♥ Please do a Makeup turtorial on this look. Its a,
    Nice Fresh Gorgeous Face..Plz.

    2Thumbsup. Loving ur hair BTW. 

  4. I sooooo want to cut my hair but I’m afraid that I won’t look good with
    short hair &’ then cry myself to sleep everyday ): 

  5. SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!!! I really hate washing my hair EVERYDAY!!! I can’t
    sleep with my hair open so I have to tie it up, but then the kinks are
    impossible to get rid of the next day and my hair also becomes very limp. I
    like volumised hair but can only achieve it by washing and blow drying.
    Also day two hair can sometimes become static. How does one manage to sleep
    and wake up with volumised hair?!

  6. I swear I’ve seen out posted/ talked about but can’t find it but where did
    you get your vanity mirror and what’s the name of it. 

  7. SUGGESTION please give me Lorde hair! I seriously have no idea how she gets
    her hair that curly all the way to her scalp. Please if you can do a
    tutorial that would be amazing!
    Beautiful vid btw!!<333

  8. Absolutely loving your hair more and more! I can’t even picture you with
    your long hair anymore. I’m feeling the urge to chop mine all off now!

  9. +Nicole Guerriero the best toning shampoo I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried
    them all seriously!! But AG hair cosmetics’ sterling silver shampoo it’s an
    amazing blue based purple shampoo that tones my hair to pale ash white
    blonde in literally 15 minutes! Since it’s more of a blue purple than a
    dark purple (like shimmer lights) it really gets rid of brassy tones
    completely & It’s not drying at all, like shimmer lights is.. but it is a
    bit pricey. I bought mine from ulta for $33, but it’s totally worth every
    penny it’s amazing shampoo! You should deff check it out! I Lovee the
    blonde on you! It’s so fresh and really compliments you!! Xoxo

  10. love this – i’m always trying to get more volume in my hair, this is next
    level! Also, for music you should try the Songza app, its free & they have
    awesome playlists and no commercials — it’s completely replaced pandora
    and spotify for me!!

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