Lancôme Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl

It is no secret that skin is very sensitive. The skin of a woman is even more sensitive, and Lancome’s Genifique Yeux is prepared to prove it. Skin, for women is the testimony of her outer beauty, to her feminine self, to her youth. The beauty of a woman lies in the beauty of her skin.

No wonder why women always want beautiful and healthy skin. But unfortunately, the skin isn’t always young and healthy. It ages, and with that, the skin loses its brightness,  tautness and begins to wrinkle. Dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes, spots and spores are other undesirable effects of skin aging.

Wrinkles and dark circles are a natural aspect of aging. They are common to all, men and women. Wrinkles and sagging skin appear when the protein which binds them to the muscles is deteriorated. These proteins, namely collagen and elasticin, are responsible for the supple and taut skin during our young age. As the skin ages, the proteins die and the skin loses its tautness and sags. This is even more prominent under the eyes. As they say, the eyes of a woman speak millions. For you and for millions of women around the world, sagging skin under the eye is one of the most common skin related problem and hundreds of products have hit the market promising younger skin. But, there is always a need for a better one.

Lancôme, the international skin care company, with the wishes of millions of women in their mind, has come up with a revolutionary product to help the feminine world to have better and brighter eyes forever.

Lancome yeux
Lancome Genifique Yeux

Genifique Eye Light- Pearl from Lancôme is that path breaking serum complex, which is engineered to help you achieve brighter eyes by eliminating dark circles, sagging skin and wrinkles around your eyes within weeks of its usage. The product comes with a complex, so powerful and yet so subtle on the skin that it reduces skin wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes within weeks of application. Thanks to its engineering.

The formula:

The product is a complex serum containing water, glycerin and other complex protein and vitamin compounds which replenish the skin under your eyes by energizing the inner layers of your skin. The complex mimics the protein collagen and elastin and helps you to get back the skin you had when you were in your teens. Taut, bright and supple!

The benefits:

The benefits of the product are multifold. With thousands of happy customers around the world expressing their gratitude towards the product, this one is sure to help you with your skin problem. Hundreds of our customers have expressed their love for the product and how it has helped them to achieve radiant and illuminating skin.

People who suffer with dark circles, patchy skin under the eyes and those with wrinkles, regardless of white or black skin, have also been very satisfied with the results after using the product for 4 weeks.

This product ensures high radiant and luminous eyes with eye bags diminished considerably. It is designed to transform contour of the eye by 360 degrees. It achieves this with the help of its innovative and hassle free pearl’ application tool. This tool can reach into places one can’t normally reach with its innovative and smart design. It is noteworthy to say that 78% of women who used the product saw considerable changes in their skin after only 4 weeks of usage.

The application tool designed by its engineers is one to talk about. Made of, what looks like a shining pearl in one end, the tool is apt to take in the right amount of serum to be enough for both the eyes.

With its unique design which lets the user to massage around the eyes, the tool not only ensure proper penetration of the serum into the skin, but also ensures that the blood circulation is increased around the eyes to ensure better application of the complex. As said above, this is one innovative and simple way to enjoy your skin care.

Beautiful and radiant skin is every woman’s right. One can’t deny that fact. Everybody admires the beauty in a woman. By using Lancôme Genifique Eye light-Pearl, every woman can achieve that luminous, radiant skin and unforgettable eyes that they always dreamed for. Eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles are a thing of the past. Look younger now, and more beautiful than you thought you could be. Here comes Lancome Genifique Yeux, arguably the best skin care product available right now in the market. Grab one now and stay beautiful.

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Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer – Give Your Skin a Boost

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream – A Review

As people continue to spend most of their time outdoors while traveling to work , dropping their kids off to the weekend classes, doing a variety of shopping and attending to professional assignments, to name a few, their skin, both facial and bodily skin, continue to get fully exposed to some of the nasty elements of the weather. Over a period of time, people tend to get a feeling that their skin has lost its luster and brightness and has become dull and jaded.

Moisturizers play a vital role in reinvigorating the skin and providing the much needed freshness and brightness that have been missing for quite some time. Particularly moisturizers that are made out of plant and seed extracts are much more beneficial than the moisturizers that come stuffed with artificial chemical substitutes. One such cream that is made out of pure and natural plant extracts is the Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.

 Origins Ginzing Moisturizer

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This face product contains Ginseng and Coffee beans extract in its purest form and are suitable for different skin types including dry, oily and normal skin. It works by hydrating the dead skin cells by directly attacking the dead skin cells and adds extra energy to the skin and makes it more radiant and healthy.

Major Ingredients

The most beneficial Ginzing ingredients that really make this moisturizer highly effective in re-energizing the skin include:

1. Ginseng Root Extracts
2. Coffee Bean Extract
3. Jojoba Oil
4. Rosemary Leaf Extract
5. Spearmint Leaf Oil

Ginseng Root Extract

This botanical extract was originally from China, and has been proven to be extremely effective in stimulating the physical and the metal activity levels in people. Additionally it provides the much needed vitality to skin and prevents the skin from aging. Ginseng has proven to be a very popular anti aging natural ingredient that doesn’t cause any side effects.

Coffee Bean Extract

As another effective source of anti-oxidants, Coffee bean in combination with Ginseng has proven to be a winning combination in enhancing skin appearance and brightness. Coffee bean also has excellent anti-aging property similar to Ginseng.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Rosemary Leaf extract has been proven to be highly effective in toning the skin and reducing the dryness of the skin. This ingredient plays an important role in maintaining the hydration levels of the skin.

Spearmint Leaf Extract

Spearmint helps in cleansing the skin thereby getting rid of the impurities that have clogged the underlying skin layer. It also acts as an excellent deodorizer and plays an effective role in soothing the rough layers.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba is rich in vitamins and minerals that are vital to maintaining skin health such as Vitamin E, B complex, Copper, Zinc and Selenium. It provides several benefits in the form of moisturizing and cleansing the skin and reducing the stretch and scar marks that appear in facial skin. It also has excellent anti-aging properties and is ultra effective in removing make up.

With such a potent combination of natural ingredients, it provides the following benefits to facial and body skin.

Multi Fold Benefits of using Origins Ginzing Moisturizer – Give Your Face and Eyes a Zing

1. This moisturizer is extremely effective in moisturizing and adding vitality to skin of different types including wet skin. Most of the moisturizers out there in the cosmetic market place leave a greasy appearance on skin surface when applied over oily skin. But the face cream works on the oily skin in the same way as it works on normal skin. It leaves the oily skin completely recharged and looking fresh even after many hours.

2. It is also equally effective in giving an extra glow to the skin as the moisturizer completely hydrates and make the skin softer and brighter.

3. It provides an all day hydrating effect, but at the same time takes care that the skin is not over hydrated nor under hydrated.

4. Perfectly safe for people with sensitive skin as the ingredients used in this moisturizer are made from naturally available plant and seed extracts.

5. The cream sits lightly on the users skin as it is much thinner than the other moisturizers available in the market place.

6. Users need to apply only a small quantity to get that shining and bright look thus giving the opportunity to use it for a longer duration before having to replace it.

7. It provides a lasting moisturizing effect on men and women of different age groups starting with teenagers to those in the fifty plus age group. Many of the teens and twenty-something’s have reported that they didn’t feel the need to apply an extra layer of make up as the moisturizer by itself provides the needed facial lift to the skin.

8. It also has the capability to remove puffiness under the eyes. This would help to get rid of the eye puffiness after working many hours sitting in front of the tablets and laptops. For those aging, this would help in providing anti-aging benefits.

This is a must carry as part of your makeup kit for women of different age groups as it provides instant moisture and a glowing skin effect regardless of the time of day applied and the surrounding climatic conditions.

I hope you enjoyed this Origins Ginzing review. Watch the video below for more information.

Skin Care Routine Of Decades – Literally

I don’t know about you, but I have changed my skin care routine too many times to count in the last decade (or two). It’s like, as soon as you figure something out, your skin changes again, and you have to look for a different product that will accomplish your skin goals.

My Teenage Years

For me, it was complicated when I was a teenager. I am the youngest out of four girls, and I was the only with with skin trouble. I thought it was the end of the world. I mean, why did I have to get pimples while my 3 sisters walked around make-up free and flawless? It’s still excruciatingly painful to this day. I did not have what you may call full-blown acne. I don’t have acne scars or anything like that, but I definitely dealt with my fair share of break-outs.

Keep in mind, this was in the 80’s, during a time when it was more common that dad worked, and mom stayed home. With that said, we did not have a lot of money. We certainly could not afford a dermatologist. So I suffered through it. (My mom did pay the extra $2 or whatever it was come picture time to “fix my flaws”). It was the agreement, otherwise I was not going to get my picture taken.

At 16, I get my first job. Most teenagers want a job so they can buy food, clothes, etc. Not me. Nope. I wanted to go to the drug store and try every product ever made that claimed it could cure acne, and finally rid me of those stubborn pimples. I don’t ever remember having clear skin. I mean, this went on for years.

Now In My Twenties

In my twenties, I started my family. Come on, I know you want to ask. “Did I have that glowing skin while I was pregnant”? The answer is NOPE. I was still breaking out even then. Finally, I went to see my family doctor when I was pushing 30 for something unrelated, and I mentioned that I was tired of my face breaking out, and asked if he could prescribe me something to clear it up. I could finally afford it, so why not right? Here is what he said: He looked at me and said “you have a beautiful face, you don’t need a prescription for acne”. OMG I wanted to choke him and tie him up with that paper stuff they put on the exam beds. How could he not see it? I saw it every day when I looked in the mirror. Needless to say, I left without a solution.

Good Lord, I’m Almost 30

Several years later I was nearing 30 and watching TV. I see that commercial/advertisement that I had seen a hundred times or more for Proactiv. Keep in mind, this was before ordering anything online was the new replacement for ordering over the phone. So, I called the 800 number, and I ordered a 30 day supply. I was determined to have at least one day of my life without pimples! And guess what? Proactiv might have been the best money I had ever spent, and I am not exaggerating. Nearly 15 years of buying product after product, I finally found something that was real. It was a process, an actual skin care routine. It became my new obsession, but it was final. I had clear skin for the first time in my life.

Since then, they have come out with a new product targeted to teens which is called X Out. You can read our x out vs Proactiv review here. You will understand the “we” part when you get there.

I used Proactiv for about 5 years, and all of a sudden I finally “grew up” to where I no longer needed acne products.

Where I Am Now at 42

Move forward 7 years (to today), and I have learned that something good came out of all those years of acne-fighting face creams, even though they never helped my breakouts. What they did help with was anti-aging. I am consistently told that I look like I’m in my early 30’s, when I am actually 42. The moral of this story is that having a skin care routine is important from an early age.

Regardless of whether or not you have acne, all women should begin a skin care regimen early on (and don’t forget to moisturize your neck!). It does in fact help you to look younger when you are aging.

So, what is my skin care routine today? Well, I don’t have to use any type of 3 step process anymore, but I am religious with my moisturizer, which too I have tried many. The one that I continue to go back to, and have now been using for nearly 5 years is Olay Regenerist. It makes my skin feel smooth, and my make-up looks great too. It’s not greasy or sticky. I put it on, and I’m done. I’m sure there is a more expensive product out there, but it works for me, and I am happy with it.