X Out Body Wash for Back Breakouts

treat back acneX Out is a product designed specifically for teens by the makers of Proactive. It is an easy option for the younger generation that may not be patient enough for a 3 step face routine.

They offer a wide range of products to treat acne, and one of my favorites is the X Out body wash.

My daughter plays high school soccer, and the conditioning is pretty intense. Throughout the summer she is on the field for a minimum of 3-4 days during mid-afternoon when the heat is at it’s highest temperature. She has a strong passion for soccer, but hates the acne that comes along with it. It begins on her shoulders, then spreads to her back, forcing her to wear T-shirts instead of a tank top that may keep her cooler.

She already suffers from mild acne on her face, so the X Out products were not new to us. She has been using the face wash for a couple years, and it showed a huge improvement in her complexion. This is why I did not hesitate to buy the X Out body wash, as I was pretty sure that it would help with her back acne.

She adds some to her wash cloth, and simply washes her back just as she would with soap.

Within a couple of weeks, the acne was very minimal, and it helped to reduce the breakouts she was getting from dirt and sweat sitting on her back for several hours until she could get home to shower.

If you or someone you know plays sports, and suffers from breakouts on their back, X Out body wash is one of Be Electrifying’s favorite acne products for teens.

We have written a review on Proactive vs. X Out that you mind find helpful as well.

Meaningful Beauty Review 2017 – An Inside Look

As you know, I love to review face products. Whether it be an anti-aging cream or my favorite make-up, it is my responsibility to my readers to give you the most honest reviews possible.

Today, I am going to be talking about Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford. If you haven’t seen the TV ads, you must be skipping through commercials, because the marketing company for this product is none other than Guthy-Renker, the same company that markets the Proactive product line. I have no idea what they charge for advertising, but from the looks of things, you would have to be a celebrity (no pun intended) to afford their services.

Today’s post is just an introduction to my first impression of Meaningful Beauty. I will need some time to fully review the affects from using the product (if any), however, there is one product that proved a noticeable difference on day one. We’ll get to that in a minute.

meaningful beauty proof of purchase I always like to show proof of purchase whenever possible, so here is a screenshot of my purchase receipt. Unfortunately, the date is not present, but I ordered the product on March 3, 2017, and received it on March 7, 2017. Today’s date is March 10, 2017.

Shipping Cost and Speed of Meaningful Beauty

I used the Free Option being advertised on television which gives you the choice of 3 different kits. We ordered one of the 7-piece kits, and it arrived 4 days after purchase. The link is www.meaningfulbeauty.com/free if you are interested in checking it out.

The shipping was Free, which is always a plus.

I Chose the 7-Piece Youth Enhancing System

Cindy Crawford Product LineThis kit includes:

  • Creme de Serum
  • Antioxidant Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20
  • Skin Softening Cleanser
  • Ultra Lifting and Filling Treatment
  • Lifting Eye Cream – Advanced Formula

With the purchase of this kit, you are permitted 2 bonus items to make 7 pieces. For my bonus items, I chose:

  • Glowing Serum
  • Skin Softening Brush

The packaging was secure, and all items were wrapped in protective plastic. You also receive an instruction book, and a handy card explaining an “order” so-to-speak of how and when to apply the products (Day and Night Routine).

My initial review of my first order was great. However, when I logged into my profile on their website, it automatically adds you to a subscription service, which does not bother me at all. What does bother me is the cost of future shipments. I will do some research on this for future purchases if I decide I want to continue using the product, and as always, I will post my findings. I obviously cannot give a full review, as it has only been 4 days, but there was one product that stood to me from the first use.

After I used the cleanser on day one, I applied the Glowing Serum before applying my make-up. My normal procedure after cleansing is to apply my favorite foundation primer made by Bare Minerals but I decided not to, and just used the glowing serum.

If you ever wondered how the celebrities (J Lo comes to mind) get that glow along their cheeks and above their eyebrows, I now know that it is some type of glowing serum. It made my face look 10 years younger, and I am not exaggerating.

If you are a regular reader, you know that I am 42 years old, and have a passion for staying young. With that said, I am trying to keep it that way, hence all of my reviews on face products.

Even if I decide not to continue receiving the 7 piece kit, I will definitely continue to use the Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum! You can find it individually on Amazon here.

Stay tuned for our official Meaningful Beauty Review!





Bare Minerals Matte Foundation vs. Original

Why I Decided on the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Vs. the Original

I have been using Bare Minerals for a short time (approx. 4 months as of the time of this post), and I quickly became an addict of their products. My first foundation purchase was their original foundation formula. It was summer time, I had a nice tan, and the original looked gorgeous on my skin.

As we neared winter, my tan was gone, I began noticing that I did not feel that the original foundation looked the same on my skin, as now I am pale, and I have always had combination skin.

I decided to give the Bare Minerals matte foundation a try. I was a little worried that it might be too much coverage because of the “matte” description. I could not have been more wrong. If you have never tried their foundations, the first thing to recognize is that they are powder. Bare Minerals does not offer any form of a liquid foundation. UPDATE: Since this post was published, Bare Minerals has launched their liquid foundation. Stay tuned for a review because we have it.

The matte foundation gave complete coverage without looking like I have caked up makeup on my face. My skin looks just as gorgeous now as it did in the summer when I was using the original.


Who Should Use the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation and Why?

I mentioned that I have combination skin, so if are in the same boat, you may want to give the matte a try. When I first looked into it, I learned that their matte foundation is also geared toward women who have oily skin. It absorbs oil keeping your face from having that “shine”.

The matte foundation formula is also proven to minimize the look of large pores. I have larger pores on each side of my inner face (near my nose), and this foundation actually minimized them to almost being invisible. The original foundation comes in 19 shades, and the matte comes in 20, so you should have no problem finding the right one for your skin tone. I use medium beige in the summer, but when I ordered the matte, I ordered it in Fairly Medium, and I am so happy that I did.

From now on, I will keep both the original foundation in medium beige, and the matte foundation in fairly medium so I can get the same look even when I have no hint of a tan (like right now, come on summer!)

If you have normal or dry skin, you should be fine with the original foundation unless you are trying to shoot for more coverage.

I should also note the importance of using the right foundation brush. I was reluctant to spend the money on the Bare Minerals finishing brush, but I finally understand why using the right brush is important. I chose the Beautiful Finish Brush, and it really does make all the difference.

If you are new to their products, check out our review on the Bare Minerals starter kit here.  We also provide a price comparison to get you the best deal.


How to Use the Bare Minerals Starter Kit

Applying Bare Minerals Is a Science… Ok, Not Really

Bare Minerals Starter KitChances are, you have the Bare Minerals Starter Kit. If not, read this post to find out where to buy it at the most reasonable price, and what you get in your starter kit.

So, assuming you have it, you are probably in the position I was… what the heck do I do with this stuff?

Read On for Instructions on How to Use the Bare Minerals Starter Kit

I will take you step-by-step in how and when to apply the different products.

  1. Recommended to be applied on a clean face.
  2. Apply your favorite moisturizer.
  3. Allow your moisturizer to dry completely, then apply the Bare Minerals PrimeTime Primer.
  4. Let the primer dry completely. I usually dry my hair or get dressed while waiting.
  5. Take your favorite application brush, our number #1 pick is the Bare Minerals Beautiful Finish Brush. You can use any brush you have, but ultimately, when you have the extra cash, get this brush. There is something about it that makes your foundation look seamless.
  6. Next, apply the warmth all over face color. I also like the bronzer if you are a sun-tanner like I am. It works great, even in the winter.
  7. I usually apply my eyeliner, eye shadow if you wear it, brow liner, and mascara last. I know this is about Bare Minerals, but our favorite brow liner is made by IT Cosmetics. Just trust us.
  8. Last, take your application brush, and apply the mineral veil powder. I use it on my cheekbones and above my eyebrows. Try to avoid your nose unless you really want it to stand out. Do not apply this powder to your entire face. Keep in mind that where you apply it is what is going to “glow”. I know that I do not want my nose or chin glowing. The choice is yours.

Once you have followed the steps above, you will naturally want to apply your Bare Minerals products in the same fashion.



Bare Minerals Makeup Kit

My Bare Minerals Starter Kit Review

A Full Review, and a Price Comparison of Bare Minerals Starter Kit on Amazon

I just started wearing Bare Minerals in the summer of 2016. It was a product line I had been wanting to try, but I was so attached to the “compact foundation” I had been using for nearly 20 years, that I was comfortable, so I kept putting it off.

In my early 20’s, I began using Clinique’s matte powder, and I absolutely loved it. I had a bit of trouble with my skin in my earlier days when I suffered from mild acne breakouts (you can read my review of X-Out vs. Proactive here if you too have a mild acne condition), and this foundation did a wonderful job at smoothing out my skin.

No that I am a bit older, I was looking for something that was less obvious that I was wearing makeup, and I wanted my face to look more natural, yet have a slight “glow”.

I had seen the commercials time and time again, so while shopping at the mall, I decided to go in to their boutique. I purchased the Bare Minerals starter kit, which at that time included:

  • foundation powder
  • one foundation brush
  • eyeshadow brush
  • Prime Time foundation primer
  • bronzer
  • BareSkin serum concealer
  • lip color
  • mineral veil powder
  • and of course the Bare Minerals makeup bag.

Let’s Look at How to Apply The Items In Your Bare Minerals Kit

You can also read our post with detailed instructions on how to use your new Bare Minerals kit.

How I Use Each Product:

The Matte Foundation – Medium Beige Review

I applied the matte foundation after applying the primer, but it certainly did not look “flawless”. It was hot, and I was going to my daughter’s soccer game. I looked in the mirror in the car, and it looked like I had liquid foundation on. Needless to say, I was disappointed, but I knew that I had done something wrong.

I might add that it was the first time I had used primer under my foundation, so keep reading because this is important.

When I got home, I did a little research, and I learned that after you apply your moisturizer, you have to let it dry completely before applying the primer, and then the same thing applies with the primer – let it dry! Only then do you put on the foundation.

This foundation will last you approximately 3 months depending on how often you use it. I just replaced mine this week (December 15, 2016).

Here is a screenshot of my receipt, just so you know that I really do use Bare Minerals products.


The Foundation Brush Review

I have to be honest, when the girl (young girl) who was helping me at the Bare Minerals Boutique began talking about all of the different brushes, I thought, now this is crazy. Why can’t you just buy a $10 brush from the drug store? Let me tell you, the foundation brush that I used to apply my foundation gave full coverage, and it was seamless. I don’t think it is something that you can really describe until you try it out for yourself. I’ll never use another foundation brush again.

bare-minerals-beautiful-finish-brushHere is the one I have. It gives complete coverage without “looking” like you have makeup on.

I don’t know how the brush is made, but I do know that whatever they did to it, they perfected it.

Tip: If you are not looking for the “full coverage” effect, place the brush in your foundation and give it a twist. This will ensure that when you apply your foundation, you are getting the coverage desired. If you just want light coverage, don’t twist the brush.


PrimeTime Bare Minerals Primer

I mentioned before that I had never used primer before, but what I will say is that I will never again go without it. It’s like when you go to your first VIP concert, you will never want to go again unless you get VIP seating. Bare Minerals has my attention with PrimeTime primer. Period.

BareSkin Concealer

This is the product I could probably live without. Not because it doesn’t work, it’s simply because I really don’t have anything that requires this type of make-up. If you have dark circles, or any other flaws that you find are still noticeable after you apply your foundation, you may want to give it a try. I gave it to my daughter who has mild acne (like I did), and she uses it every day.

The Deep End Bronzer

I have always loved bronzer, even before Bare Minerals. I love the “suntan” look even in the winter. They offer 3 shades of bronzer, I have the The Deep End, and I love it. I never wear blush, only bronzer, and will continue to use Bare Minerals. Update: Please read this post regarding The Deep End bronzer.

A Review of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Powder

I experimented with the mineral veil, and at first I applied it all over. That was wrong! After you have applied all of your makeup, apply the Mineral Veil powder to the areas of your face that you want a little glow to. I apply it to my cheekbones, and above my eyebrows. I would not recommend applying it to your nose. It does give your face that extra “beautification factor” (if that is even a word).

Tip: If you prefer to apply it all over, use the “leftover” product on the brush to apply to nose, chin and other areas of your face where you may not want the full glow effect.

The Lip Color

While I love a matte lip color (I usually add some gloss on top), I was not happy with the color that I received in my starter kit, as I am a neutral kind of gal. The shade is more of a pink. They offer 20 shades, so I will try another because it has a very smooth look and feel to it, and it stays on!

Let’s Review the Price of Bare Minerals vs. Buying it on Amazon

The prices are accurate as of the time of this post, but always check Amazon to make sure that they have not changed.

Bare Minerals also offers a Beauty Surprise Kit which we have also written about if that is something you may be interested in.

Best Deep Conditioners For Bleached Hair

Let’s face it ladies, beautiful hair is just another of the hundreds of manipulation tactics hidden up our sleeves. It gets tossed, tucked, flipped, or heaven forbid falls over your left eye making the most manly of men sink to his knees. It doesn’t matter if you’re known for your long locks, or a short pixie that would make Pink jealous, gorgeous silky hair is a woman’s greatest tool in her tool shed.

But like a man’s favorite hammer, we too abuse our hair. We dry it, brush it, iron it, and to really put the nail in the coffin, we bleach it, taking it from a silky, gorgeous state, to dry and brittle.

We have the low down on the best deep conditioners for bleached hair, which include hair masks, to get those locks shiny and silky again.

Our Top 5 Deep Conditioners

Your last attempt to add even more blonde streaks to your gorgeous mane did not go unnoticed, but unfortunately not in the way you had hoped. For all you ladies with dry, over heated and bleached hair who have maybe gone a few months too long without a trim — allow us to introduce your new hair defense. Damaged, bleached hair, meet deep conditioner. We know the two of you will be a perfect match.

You simply use them after regular conditioning once – two times per week.

  • apply product so that it covers your hair entirely
  • put on a shower cap while you’re finishing up your shower (about 10 minutes)
  • allow the deep conditioner to work it’s spell, and once again, beautiful, shiny, healthy, drop him to his knees hair

More About the Top 5 Conditioners We Mentioned Above

Argan Oil Hair Mask

This hair mask is a moroccan oil by Grace & Stella that works to restore your hair to a healthier state. Bring you hair back to life by restoring split ends, adding in some shine, and get back to the time when you loved running your fingers through your hair.

It’s ingredients are 100% pure, and include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extract, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Jojoba Oil, Hickory Back Extract, Thorn codium, Amino Acids Protein.


Joico K-PACK Revitaluxe

This treatment not only helps to restore your hair, but also works to protect it against future damage. It too holds Jojoba Oil and Aloe Extract, and also has 19 Amino acids to improve luster and elasticity.


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist

It’s not often you see a product make a “top 5” list that is a regular on the grocery store or pharmacy shelf, but Aussie created a winner with this deep conditioner. It is the least expensive from our list, but don’t let that fool you. Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Moist is a consistent winner of  beauty product awards, including the 2011 and 2012 Allure Best of Beauty Award, and 2013 Glamour Glammy Award for “Best Conditioner”.


Alterna the Science of 10

You could have probably guessed that this hair mask is infused with 10 organic botanicals, and happily announces it’s testing as all-natural, and never used on animals.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture

This deep recovery hair mask by Neutrogena specifically treats dry over-processed, and color-treated hair. It is a weekly treatment, and is also offered in the form of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream, and shine serum.

These are our top 5 picks in the deep conditioner category. There is something for everyone, regardless of your budget.

You can also read our post on tips to repair bleach damaged hair, as conditioning is not enough without proper maintenance and care.




X-Out Reviews Vs. Proactiv | Mom and Daughter Tell All


Proactiv has been on the market since 1995, and is a world-wide brand marketed to acne sufferers. But what about X-Out? Where does that product fit into the picture?

I chose the image on the left because it speaks a thousand words to those who have suffered with acne.


Read on to find out how we rate Proactiv vs. X-Out.

Proactiv Review By Mom

I began using Proactiv in my twenties, as I had mild acne, but consistently mild. It seemed that I never had a day where my face was without a few pimples.

I used the product faithfully, all 3 steps, every day. At first, I used it once a day until my skin accepted the product, and then began using twice daily. The results were pretty good.  My face felt smoother than it had in years, and as long as I never skipped a day, my mild acne was for the most part, under control.

I was a sun worshiper, so if you too love to tan, be careful in the sun when using this product. If you know you are going to be out in the sun, avoid using the product until evening so you do not end up with a badly burned face.

As I got into my thirties, I finally felt like a “real” adult, and my face began clearing up on its own, so I stopped using Proactiv.

Proactiv Review By Daughter

When my daughter reached the age that her face began to break out, I ordered Proactiv for her.  At this young age (she was about 12), getting her to wash her face with a 3-step product twice a day was a little too much to ask of a pre-teen. Without using it faithfully as directed, her acne was not clearing up as I had hoped.

I took her to see a dermatologist, and he prescribed a cream for her face, but it was too strong for her young skin, and she had a constant burning sensation, along with a red face, so I had her stop using it.

My Daughter’s X Out Review

About a year ago, we discovered X-Out. All I can say is, her face has never been so clear. As with any medication or over-the-counter medication, it is important to use as directed, but as long as you do, you will see results.

She began using it every other day until we knew that it was not going to cause any redness or burning. Once she was on a daily routine, her skin was almost 100% clear.

She is not the sun-goddess that I was, but there are obviously days that she is in the sun, and the same applies as with the Proactiv. Avoid using the face wash before going into the sun for any length of time, and always use some form of sunscreen while in the sun.

Our Top Picks

Proactiv VS. X-Out

If X-Out had been around when I was in my twenties and suffering with my mild acne, I would have tried X-Out over Proactiv for the simple reason that it is so much easier than using a 3-step product twice a day. Call me lazy, but it does become a bit cumbersome.

With that said, I would recommend Proactiv for someone who is going to responsible with the product instructions, and will use as directed.

I would recommend anyone suffering from acne to try X-Out first and see how it works for you before going with Proactiv. I hope our X Out reviews have been helpful in giving you an idea of which product would be best for you.

Instead of making the commitment and subscribing to X-Out’s automatic supply option, I would recommend ordering just one bottle to test it out. It is well worth the small investment. Click here to order X-Out by the bottle on Amazon.




Exposed Reviews

Exposed Skin Care | Customer Reviews

Exposed Skin Care is an acne treatment that uses specialized scientific actives and other powerful natural extracts to remove acne fast without causing irritation, redness or dryness. The Exposed line promises to clear your skin and reduce any side effects associated with its use.

The acne treatment product is developed by experts such as chemists ,cosmetologists, and dermatologists. It is used to return your skin to it’s normal natural and healthy condition. Exposed is one of the best products on the market today to clear acne and blemishes.

Its prices and terms are the best compared to other effective acne care products that are on the market today, the other products includes Neutrogena,Oxy and ProActive. It is known to be the best and its success rate is reported to be up to 98 percent.

The other reason why exposed is referred as the best is the additional discounts that are offered when you buy them. The discount ranges from 40 percent up to 50 percent and comes with a guarantee of up to one year after purchase.

Exposed Skin Care Customer Reviews:

I am 30 years old and I have tried just about everything on the market but Exposed Skin Care is the first product that has worked. My results have been life changing, for the first time I don’t feel like I have to have make-up on to leave the house. Thank you! Maureen – Tulsa, OK

I am just writing to let you know that your product is the only one that has ever worked on my acne. I had more blackheads and whiteheads than pimples and I say had. Even friends are noticing the miraculous changes in my skin. I am so happy and will continue to purchase this product. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pam – Niagara Falls, NY

I am a 37 year old woman who has literally tried everything under the sun for my mild, but persistent acne problem……I mean everything!!! Your products are absolutely wonderful. Jacqueline H. – Bayport, NY

Clearing of acne-prone skin involves several treatments such as the use of a good cleanser, a good clearing tonic and other treatment for opening the skin pores. There is no acne cleaning product in the market that is capable of cleaning 100 percent of acne blemishes without adding other treatments.

A good cleanser that is not left to dry on the body is very important to someone with acne. This is because acne begins to develop when a person’s skin starts accumulating and clumping on top of oil inside the pores.

For gentle loosening of dead skin and the removal of excess oil out of the skin pores, Exposed cleanser uses similar skin ingredients in water along with a small amount of sage extract so as to kill bacteria.

The clearing process works by providing green skin extract, thereby reducing the production of oil by sebaceous glands in pores. The tonic contains a small amount of witch hazel extract that is no good for use before your skin is cleansed since it closes/seals it. It is only advisable to use witch hazel after you have removed excess oil from your skin using a good cleanser. It is also right to keep the oil deep inside the pore so that it does not come into contact with your skin and later forming clogs.

Exposed products fights and calms inflammation and irritation using azelaic acid, and also stops the redness and black or brown pigmentation of the skin especially on the nose and sometimes on the the cheeks.

These product contains a clear pore serum that contains 1 percent of salicylic acid and beta-hydroxy acid that is used in the treatment. When salicylic acid is applied on the skin and left for the whole night, it dissolves hardened oils and later opens up both white and blackheads.

This clear pore serum is the best product in the market used to remove blackheads compared to blackhead extractor since it gives the pores walls time to heal. Extra large and ugly pores are also dealt with using this serum. Exposed also contains another product known as Microderm Scrub that is made of corundum crystals used to gently exfoliate thick skin that holds acne scars without causing irritation.

Advantages of using exposed skin care include:

– There is no age limit to use it, it can be used by people of all ages and skin types. It is the best recommended product used for treating teenage and adult acne and is also ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

– Its use is safe and effective since its solutions are formulated using FDA approved ingredients, and are approved to be used for acne treatment. Acne causing bacterias are eliminated using both their scientific and natural actives. Every product uses a combination of carefully selected actives that are beneficial for the skin renewal process.

– Another advantage is that it contains acid complexes that are carefully tested to reduce and end any existing blemishes on the skin and preventing any future acne scars/blemishes.

– The Exposed Skin Care line guarantees total satisfaction to its customers and promises to clear any scars or blemishes in just a month.

how to repair bleached out hair

Repair Bleach Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is many times caused by too many color treatments, perming, and of course, bleaching of your hair.

Exposing your hair to harsh chemicals will eventually lead to damaged hair. Some of the chemicals used on your hair will cause your hair to be frizzy, dry, brittle, and you may experience falling out altogether.

Using bleach on your hair may destroy the growth and structure of your hair. It all starts in your roots because the roots now lack nourishment that leads to drying.

If you have already bleached your hair may times, the after-math may be clear.

Here are some tips for you to repair bleach damaged hair:

• It is a priority to wash your hair in order to regain its moisture and nourishment. Try your best not to overly pull your hair when shampooing  because it might lead to breakage.

• Use shampoos and conditioners that are made specifically for dry and damaged hair because it includes ingredients that will restore the moisture of your hair.

The Best Conditioner for Bleached Hair

We have researched the best conditioners for damaged hair, you can read that article here. There are other bleached hair care products on the market as well, so if you decide on what that we did not list, be sure to do your research first.

Since alcoholic contents may also dry your hair, avoid products that have this. If hair is too brittle or damaged, use an overnight conditioner for additional moisture,  or a leave-on conditioner for 2 to 3 minutes before your blow dry or style. Try to avoid using a blow dryer, flat irons or curling irons because it will contribute to the dryness. Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry.

• It is also recommended to try and cut or trim the edges of your hair every three weeks or every month to make your hair grow back the natural way.  It is also important to get rid of the split ends that occur when the hair is dry.

• There are a lot of remedies to repair bleach damaged hair that can also be found at home.

If you want to give extra moisture in your hair, apply mayonnaise to the strands as it contains natural conditioning ingredients. Spread it around your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes or so before washing it with a shampoo. You can also leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning if you want to. Olive oil is also an alternative hair moisturizer which adds natural oil to your hair. All you have to do is massage a half cup of warm olive oil throughout your scalp. Wrap it with a plastic cap and cover it with a towel to keep warm. Leave it for about 30 minutes and wash out with shampoo afterwards. Trying these natural remedies should help improve your hairs natural beauty.

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Box

This 9 piece Beauty Surprise Box comes with:

  • BareMinerals All Over face Color  ( Secret Radiance )
  • 2 BareMinerals Eye Color ( Spellbound, Surreal )
  • 1  BareMinerals Liner Shadow ( Suspense )
  • 1  BareMinerals Blush ( Intrigue )
  • 1  BareMinerals Double Ended 100% Natural Lip Gloss ( Angel Food Cake, Brilliance )
  • 3  Brush ( Liner Diffuser, Tapered Crease Defining, Soft Sweep Cheek )

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Box is becoming more and more popular with even the younger generation.  Nothing like flawless skin to begin your day.

UPDATE: The Bare Minerals Beauty Surprise Box is no longer available. You can read our review on the Bare Minerals Starter Kit if you are interested in that option.

You may also want to read our review of Origins Ginzing Eye Cream.


Click Here to Check Out Bare Minerals Surprise Box

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Collection