Oily Skin

Oily skin – the bane of my life for most of my childhood up until i was about 30.

Dealing with oily skin can be tricky but it can be controlled.

I know people don’t always agree but stopping overloading the skin with excess moisturisers can go a long way to stopping this. Oily skin has its own moisture – and lots of it – so adding more isn’t necessary.

If you want to moisturise your skin – use serums as these are less emollient.

Milk of magnesium is great for controlling oily skin. Worn as a face mask, rinsed off – can stop oily skin for hours and hours and hours. For VERY oily skin it can be left on, then foundation applied over.

BE WARNED – milk of magnesium can be drying – so you don’t want to go too far with this – let you skin be your guide.

I found that many dermatologist also recommend milk of magnesium for controlling oily skin ­čÖé

And lots of shine control products also have this in the ingredient list.

­čÖé Wayne

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  1. I recently started using rice powder to set my foundation and control my
    oily shine. Absolutely love it!!´╗┐

  2. i found accutane only rid my skin of oil during the course of treatment.
    Once I stopped the oil slowly creeped back and ~4 months after stopping, it
    had come back just as bad as it was pre-accutane.´╗┐

  3. This is weird since I have always had dry flakey/peely skin all my life and
    all I wanted was that luminous shiny skin lol and after I turned 19 my skin
    got very oily for some reason, and I started breaking out (whiteheads and
    all that). Oh I wish to go back to those dry skin days, where my skin was
    so clear lol. ´╗┐

  4. You have to moisturize or you’ll get dry if you use a kind of harsh
    cleanser and toner. Right now I am dry because I followed this, ughhh I am

  5. My skin is so confusing!! If I don’t moisturize right away after washing,
    it gets sooo tight and flaky and dry! I use the proper cleanser that is not
    too harsh and stripping (I use all Paula’s Choice products), but throughout
    the day, I am constantly blotting TONS of excess oil and shine off my face,
    through my makeup. I don’t know if its my makeup causing this issue or
    what, but I can’t not moisturize, bc then my skin is a dry, uncomfortable
    tight mess, but I can’t seem to control the gallons of oil leaking from my
    pores all day. It drives me nuts! I always hear that if your skin feels
    tight like that after washing, then you have dry skin, but theres no way my
    skin is dry bc I can’t control the ridiculous shine!´╗┐

  6. I have extremely oily skin on my face when I go to school my face is dry
    for like 1 hr then my face gets very oily so I have to wipe my fore head to
    remove a dam load of oil. If you have any suggestions PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
    TELL ME I will take any risks to have extremly dry skin I hate having oily
    skin it sucks .´╗┐

  7. Great, GREAT advice! Thank you. For years I have heard that my oily skin
    still needs moisturizer, but every single time I have tried it I break out´╗┐

  8. i like all ur videos.. but maybe u could go slower. coz i sometimes cant
    comprehend what u r trying to say… maybe there would be no problem for
    those native speakers.. but what about non native speakes.. they might as
    well hv to pause ur vid and try to play it over and over again until they
    get the points.. i like ur videos.. just talk a little slower haha u did
    everyting splendid.. keep it up bruh´╗┐

  9. I meant to say I hope the milk of magnesia doesn’t have a bad reaction with
    my skin but I will be trying for sure. Also NO MORE heavy moisturizers or
    creams.. Thanks again!´╗┐

    DRINK OLIIVE OIL ! when u woke up in the morning drink it before you have
    your breakfeast or before you drink water it really works , try it for just
    1 week you will see the diffrence ( ABOUUT 3 tablespoon ), And please give
    this advice on your videos in the future help others
    >>>>> IT has to be on an empty stomach
    PS : It works because the olive oil decreases the BAD cholesterol and
    INCREASES the goood cholesterol :)´╗┐

  11. Every time i moisturize with a light gel moisturizer (i use H20 or garner)
    my skin doesn’t get all gross and greasy. Without this I wake up with a
    coat of gross grease all over my T-zone..bleh! Stay away from cream
    moisturizers though-that always made me break out.´╗┐

  12. MOM been using it for years and its amazing… i have sensitive skin too
    and i never broke out from it and i must admit i dont always wash my face
    on those party nights and still never break out or get irritated´╗┐

  13. Oily skins the bane of my life, it makes buying a gorgeous high end
    foundation like i want to totally pointless. I ve tried everything from
    milk of magnesia to £30 clarins mattifying lotion. The only thing that
    makes any difference is aloe vera gel but even then i literally have beads
    of oil by lunchtime its disgusting. Im resigned to my revlon 24 hr
    superstay. On the plus side i ve hardly got any wrinkles!´╗┐

  14. Just be mindful that the MOM you purchase does NOT have sodium hypochlorite
    (aka bleach). That’s right. Bleach. Most MOM brands use it as an
    anti-bacterial agent. On the skin, bleach breaks down the collagen in your
    skin, causing wrinkles and is an irritant. Check out this web addy with a
    list of brands showing their active and inactive ingredients list:
    http://www.drugs.com/otc/milk-of-magnesia-original.html Also, be sure to
    write to the brand to double check sodium hypochlorite is not a ‘hidden’
    ingredient that they did not list. Buyer beware and informed. : )
    Otherwise… right on!´╗┐

  15. I have had crazy-oily skin my whole life (I’m 36 now) and tried every
    mattifying foundation, mattifying primer, super-kind oil-free moisturiser
    and wash, mask, blotting powder going. In every combination, with or
    without a product in every combination.

    I’m at the point where I will literally try anything and was just about to
    approach my GP to ask for Accutane tablets (though I am already on
    medication, so not sure how they would react) when I saw this video. Super
    excited, I bought Milk of Magnesia and applied it in place of my primer as
    advised. I did use the tiniest dot of oil-free milky-light Eucerin
    beforehand as my skin complains when I don’t. Applied foundation as normal
    and finished with a little powder.

    The shine does seem to hold off for a little longer (an hour or two, as
    opposed to half an hour) but when it does come through, boy does it! It
    just seems a bit of a ‘different’ shine, brighter and less chip-shop-grease
    looking. It is also accompanied by large white dots, where somehow my pores
    and highlighted, and my face takes on a freaky look. I’ve tried this make
    up/milk of magnesium routine for several days and the dotty effect seems
    worse with primer applied over it. Missing the primer stage, which I
    thought might help, is better. The amount of Milk of Magnesium used doesn’t
    seem to make any difference.

    Overall, the moisturise-MoM-foundation-powder routine might be a bit better
    than when primer was used instead of Milk of Magnesia, but I do have to be
    careful or I could end up looking very weird and rush to remove the whole
    lot, or it can generally look okay but only hold the shine off a little
    longer… and catch it in time or else!

    Maybe at some point I’ll try the tablets….

    Currently using
    Moisturiser: Eucerin DermoPrurifying Hydration Care
    Primer: Bare Minerals PrimeTime Oil Control or 17 Miracle Matte
    Foundation: No7 Beautifully Matte or Revlon ColorStay´╗┐

  16. Has anyone tried the beck ever matte primer? It’s one of the only ones I
    haven’t tried but don’t want to waste money if it’s no better than the

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