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There are a wide range of self help books and courses on offer claiming to be the ultimate solution to your dating problems. Derren Brown, Kat Akingbade and Charlie McDonnell take a look at some of that advice and put it to the test in a very special speed dating experiment for Channel 4’s Science of Attraction.

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25 Replies to “Dating Tips

  1. Although some attraction is indeed natural. Having confidence, personality,
    and charisma can win over many women. At least that’s what I talk about

  2. I Wold defenetly choose B or A . The ordinary guy with humor and nice
    attitude . But never C no women needs a douchbag . He is the type of just
    one night stand that’s all . But never a serieus relationship NEVEEEEER

  3. Be yourself….sure…. while I let Mr A. get the girl of my dreams and
    constantly be friendzoned? The reality is SHE’LL NEVER FIND OUT THAT HE
    USES DATING TECHNIQUES, in real life He’ll never say a word and she’ll
    never fucking know the truth. The truth will never be found out and she
    will die in a grave and never know. That’s fucking reality. Mr A. in real
    life always get the girls, while being yourself NEVER WILL. Especially when
    Mr A. and Mr B. are competing, she will always choose Mr A over B. Mr A.
    in real life uses dating techniques and then once she falls for it and
    LOVES HIM ALL OVER it’s easy to throw the dating techniques out the window,
    especially when they are now married with 7 children! BULLSHIT. Being
    yourself will never win. Mr A. always wins. Women rather choose to live a
    lie than live the truth. That’s what happens everyday. IGNORANCE IS BLISS
    and MR A. will always make sure that you are ignorant and never find out.
    AND YOU NEVER WILL. You will believe all that time it was a genuine
    relationship with Mr A. until the grave. While Mr B. commit suicide. Fact.
    That is the sad truth.
    Open your eyes women…. the guys you “friendzone” constantly all the
    time…are the ones you should marry. THEY CARE FOR YOU. THEY’LL DO
    for Mr A!!!!!

  4. Remember gentlemen! If you are nice, polite and caring, you WILL find the
    girl of your dreams which will love you for real! Ignore the fact the
    douchebags are not actually douchebags but guys with confidence who don’t
    put up with women’s bullshit which you should be learning from them instead
    of siding with the same people who you just want you around for validation
    and support.

    Keep in mind, fishermen don’t ask fish what bait to use, they ask other

  5. these guys are wasting to much time on women. I found the best way to get
    sex is trade it for meth or just pay for it.

  6. wait wait wait, they call the guy who was more about himself, sleazy?

    and then they don’t even show what they said about the guy to the girls,

    and the one who was interested in him, then starts to say that she was
    being manipulated. What did they say? that he was the sleazy one? and only
    then did she start agree to the sleaziness only because they said that he
    Sounds like this show is being a bit manipulative.

  7. This is how you attract women.

    1. 2 credit cards – Check that. 5. Check that. 7 credit cards.
    2. Be fit. Check that. be super muscular. Check that. You need to be a
    douche body builder.
    3. Get a car. Check that. Get a nice car. Check that. A half million car.

    That’s it. 100% of females will find you attractive if you follow these 3

  8. No self-respecting woman/girl would go for Mr. C. Also, Mr.A always gets
    the girls, because girls want guys to guide them into getting in a

  9. Date A liked Mr.B because she has regular self-esteem and he was neither
    over nor under confident. Thus, she feels they have so much in common and
    they are a good match because they are on equal grounds. Basically, she
    sees what she wants to see.

    Date B liked Mr.A because she has low self-esteem and he has high
    self-esteem. Basically he makes up for what she does not have and she sees
    high self-esteem as a good quality she wished she had. Basically, she sees
    what she wants to see.

    Date C liked Mr.C because she has low self-esteem and deep down does not
    believe she can be treated nicely probably because she did not receive
    enough love growing up. She assumes that guys who treat her nicely want
    something from her, thus she goes for the guy that seem not to care about
    her at all. Basically, she sees what she wants to see and she is fucked up
    in her mind because at the end, she changed her mind and goes for Mr.A.

  10. adapt your behaviour according to her self confidence: cheap girls with
    low self confidence like bad boys. Stable ,more mature girls prefer more
    mature normal guys.
    you can spot low slef confidence girls with garrish attempts to attract
    guys with too much stylish over-sexed accessories and makeup. You will also
    note they observe other attrcative women a lot with acid corrosive looks
    and don’t hesitate to call another nice girl fat,or aggressive behaviour
    towards other girls. To bed that kind of girl,go for bad boy sleazy.
    Nicer girls who dress classical look for stable ,husband material.They look
    for someone they can present to mum and dad.
    its all a range on behaviours in between, you have to adapt to it.

  11. Why the fuck did most of my European side have to be originating from
    English blood? They’re some of the laziest, pussified, bitches on the
    planet. Also the women are so fucking ugly. How the fuck did they have a
    global empire?
    Like I thought American girls were meh, looking at English girls make me
    appreciate Americans girls a lot more. 

  12. i need an easy solution fuck all the rulles like hi hello come on lets go
    ….. ah aah ooo yes aah ah ….see you next time bey hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. I have my own criteria. My girlfriend have to be native Chinese or Korean
    speaker. She must also wear at least a long skirt. As in the skirt’s bottom
    must reach her ankles.

  14. First off, women will always counter informal media empowering men’s
    knowledge. Its a natural expression to safeguard the selective power they
    wield. If there’s anything you should take from this video, its that
    attraction is dynamic. Each woman will value something different in a
    fellow. The important part is to be natural and provide confident character
    values that you can support. What is not shown in the video is the power to
    control the environment, create the settings (or vibes) for a connection,
    and establish your sexual comfort so that you are valued as an interesting,
    desirable, and suitable male for any prospective woman.

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