Control Your Acne For Good

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25 Replies to “Control Your Acne For Good

  1. oh my gosh! thankyou so much! i have had medium level acne on my forehead
    and occasional pimples on the rest of my face for the past 2 years!!! (i am
    a 13 year old girl) i use the cetaphil cleanser and the proactiv toner. I
    used to use the moisturiser from cetaphil too but when i saw this video
    about 10 days ago i stopped using moisturiser!! it worked! i barely have
    any pimples anywhere!! maybe 10 little ones on my forehead and some red
    spots around my lips and chin. Thankyou so much i have tried endless
    products and watched endless videos but you are the first person who has
    ever given me any results! Thankyou for giving me back my self confidence.
    I never realised how devastating acne could be a person (especially one
    without access to makeup)! I was wondering if you have any tips to get rid
    of redness?

    Thanks so much

    Amber xx

  2. Sorry girl, but all you’re giving yourself is an expensive urine, the
    multi-vitamins already has most of it cover, so then taking individual
    zinc, whatever is repeating the process, and your body will just take what
    it need and you’ll just piss the rest out….yeah…expensive, better off
    with a good healthy diet anyways 

  3. DON’T do this if you can’t afford experimenting with something that can
    potentially cause you a lot of pain with the amount of acne you may get
    from this. I followed exactly what you said about cleansing my oily skin
    heaps and the products you used as I was so impressed by your results.
    This, unfortunately has made my skin painfully flake and has inflamed my
    acne so much I can honestly say it has never, ever been this bad. I’ve been
    crying in pain and I haven’t gone out all day I’m so embarrassed by my skin
    🙁 This definitely won’t work for everyone with oily skin, and I have very
    naturally oily skin and hair from my mum! I have all these open wound
    pimples and flakes, coupled with about 30 tiny white heads pimples grouped
    together on my chin alone. This is definitely not something to do if you
    have chronic acne that is rather than lifestyle in my opinion. Sorry to be
    so rude like this, but this really has ruined a very important week for me

  4. I have really oily skin and people from Sephora, Ulta, Lush, ect. always
    told me to use a moisturizer and I usually ended up buying like a 40-60$
    moisturizer. About 2 weeks ago I stopped using any moisturizer and I just
    use grease lightning from Lush and every other night some spot treatment
    (salicylic acid) and I’ve seen such an improvement… Moisturizer literally
    made my acne linger for a long time and stay plump/enflamed. I still try to
    stay away from over drying my face (even though that’s hard for me to do;
    it’s so oily) that’s why I don’t use my spot treatment every night. 

  5. EEEEEEEEEEE, sorry for double comment, but just saw this part of the video. *DO
    NOT USE BAKING SODA ON YOUR SKIN!!!!* baking soda is a pH of 9, your skin
    is at an average pH of 5.5. using something too acidic (such as lemon
    juice) or too alkaline (baking soda) screws with the acid mantle and
    moisture barrier of the skin. you may not notice it right away, but you are
    damaging your skin very heavily and aging it even faster. you will see the
    effects of this after a while. please stop, there are *MUCH* better
    exfoliators out there that do way more than baking soda ever can.

    NOTE: toothpaste is also VERY damaging to skin. it contains SLS (a
    detergent found in many harsh and drying cleansers and shampoos) AND baking
    soda, a terrible combination. most contain some sort of peppermint or
    menthol, which are known irritants, and other flavoring and fragrances.
    these are not safe for skin whatsoever, and are just going to irritate your
    zits even more and probably break you out further.

  6. My naturopath recommended to use jojoba, olive or coconut oil on my face as
    a moisturizer overnight! And it worked well! And she said that your face
    will produce less oil, less acne and have a glowing skin.. tips: dont use
    coconut oil if you dont have a shower cap to protect ur face cause the
    whole day my hair smelled like puke

  7. I am so happy, this might sound weird, but, i’m kinda happy that there are
    people out here that has oily skin like myself, and ofc you are not
    “afraid” of showing it!

  8. Everyone hates acne, I wonder who created it? What is the purpose of acne
    anyways? It’s horrible and has no meaning.

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